Still not solved connection problems

È veramente impossibile giocare con questi problemi di connessione. La guerra più brutta di sempre. Sono sconcertata ?. Flare…dove sei?

Flare non lavora il weekend. Aspetta Lunedì.

English please! Not Italian! Galamorgane doesn’t understand your post/topic. Read the rules here.

It is  really impossible to play with these connection problems. The worst war ever. Flare…where are you?

The true problem is community week. It would be useful a compensation about 1 minute digging dungeon + 50% discount price and 50% shorter time to upgrade units, spells, waves, buildings, towers and obstacles.

It would be usefuld to have more stability and certainties. Thanks anyway ^^

Hello there,

Thank you for your feedback and I’m really sorry you are experiencing connectivity issues. We are aware of the problem and the teams are actively working on it. I would advice you to skim through this thread as I’m giving update and info:

Many thanks,



Thank you @GalaMorgane