Still waiting for the promised new Community Manager

At least Flare is still looking, not a lot success as it seems, but still.

If you know people who could be suitable, I suggest forwarding this to help them a bit. :grinning:

That sounds like an awful job and they don’t even state the pay grade. Asshole-free environment, really?

Yes! Lets hope the “hipster drinks” they offer do not contain too many dietary fibres. That could turn out to be difficult. :lol:

Given the people they will have to deal with on forums, everyone in the workplace will seem like angels :rolleyes:

Actually, when we had a CM, the tone towards Flare was much better and probably would be again if we get one.

Now there still is a lot of frustration not only to the usual lack of communication but also due to the things things which really need an answer (Like like extra 12 minutes Pro-League ranking chaos, hello?).

You know Flare reads those things and still they will just hide or give a non-answerable and frankly often disrespectful “sorry for your inconvenience” post.

Sooo, about a new Community Manager…

The job position is not listed as open any more as mentioned in the Thread above.

Does that mean a new Community Manager is coming or Flare has given up looking?

If getting a new CM is the same as Video-Ads getting fixed in the near future I would assume FG has given up altogether.

But I will say we will now see soon (and “soon” means a “now til a undefined time in the future” kinda thing).

With the amount of money they generate from RR2, their full attention should be on this game, not focused on other things assuming they will continue to rake in money from their cash cow.

Absolutely. They seem to have a lot of money to spare.

And they do not even care about their best horse RR2.

Read this:

What’s the problem with video ads?

Everything’s been working fine. Win10 pc

@ARREBIMBA I suggest a search of this forum will answer your question.

No endless Ads? No closing of RR2 to get back in game? No weekly deleting of the Vungle Folder in order to get any Ads?
Lucky you.

It is getting worse. Not only with Win which always had the most issues, now iOS has problematic Ads too.
Seems they are so busy with their accelerator programme, there is no more real testing done at Keen Flare.

If there is, I wish someone (maybe @FTB) could explain how the in-house testing is done for balance changes or new features and fixes are close to be released. I will happily take back the above then…

Nothing at all.

I had the endless ads (King of Thieves and March of Empires I believe) but those have been gone for a while.

Again, win10 pc here.