stone dragon

Using the same gear setup and play style same way as before , but since a week its really difficult to spawn stone dragon, all the time at the start there are 2 paladins who begin gathering the dragon power instead of only 1 , so the time needed to generate a dragon is increased because they dont focus only to fill up the bar on 1 unit , they try to make it on 2 units. Most of the time dragon comes too late now, to make it useful. Back then (weeks ago) it was easier to create stone dragons.

Did anyone else experience this?

At some points it’s even looked like 5-6 paladins trying to fill up different bars at the same time to me 

They do fill up different bars, but then they let all power to the biggest bar. Really weird way to do it if you ask me

stone dragon is complete crap.

That happens for pyros and frosters  but it happens alot less frequently with paladins in comparison in my experience 

4 dragons here, against #3, and I get more against easier players. Anyway I agree that creating dragons with frosters or paladins takes much more time than with pyros, but they should rather make less dragons with pyros, bcause on some raids with pyros dragons just keep spawning all the time :