Stone ninja with incorrect petrification rate

In the ninja event, it is written that ninja have a 10% chance of petrification, but I experience something closer to 100%. If I run ahead when ninja appear, when I come back I have at least 5 or 6 units petrified, which is quite annoying when you play with monks, ogres and wolves. Is this behaviour normal (it will be a real gam changer when they will be in defense) ? And in that case can you please fix the information ? Or else can you please ix the bug so it is really close to 10% and not 100%…

Thanks !

yes also 1 ninja works as 5 considering its petrification chance.

Hello, the petrification rate is indeed 10% as written, when a ninja dashes it uses this 10% multiple times, this is why there is a high chance to be petrified during the dash… And don’t forget that you have 5 ninjas dashing against your units most of the time :slight_smile:

When they hit you with their fist after dashing, you can see more clearly that it takes more time to be petrified.