Stone Ninjas wrong color

Device: Windows 10 version 1809
Frequency: Always

Stone ninjas color should be black, but instead it’s showing as pink:

I forgot to take a screenshot in-game, but this is also happening while playing the ninja levels.

Which is great as they can easy be spotted during battle.
This change is appreciated! The brighter the ninjas are, the better you can see them!

I think it’s like that now for gay pride. LOL

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I like to know the ninjas type by their color.

If they all suddenly become pink… how am I supposed to know which type they are?

Surprise… Random ninjas! :laughing:

It’s not like you can choose with ninjas you have - there is only one type active at a certain time …

Yes, I know that but Friday I started playing Ninjas and didn’t check the type first…

So I was like: What the hell are these Ninjas?

Should be fixed now.