Stop Buying Gear All Together!

The answer to the scream nerf is to stop buying gems and gear


What good does it do if you buy enough gear with scream or speed boosts if Flare is just gonna nerf them every 6 months and make them completely useless


Boycott the gem store and boycott Granny and see if Flare’s shady business practices still exist


This is one step short of racketeering in my book Its almost to the point of the customers who spent real money legitamately could file and inter-national class action suit to recoup any losses i hope it dosn’t go that far and Flare wises up before they get hit with a court summons with about 5000 plantifs on it from 8 different countries


It may not be worth doing for the money but there are some vindictive people out there like myself who wouldn’t do it for the money they’d do it outta spite for being robbed

Oh shit ! I just use alot of gems to change my scream set to leadership/shield +_+

This is NOT going to work… what percent of all RR2 players even have a forum account, and what percent of those actually read stuff on them? I’m sorry, but RR2 will travel its way unmolested by boycotts

true pyro only a small percentage…and check out those polls flare does…sometimes a vote of three is the highest poll nimber…not even 100 people answer poll

Wow…honestly, I had more web pages opened…and tried to see what’s happened here… Samme shit, Flare keeps robbing…and I start a new game !! Yuhhhuu! Flare is out…i will get out mi ass from here as well… “you suffer after a game? Get another!” Haha

Well alliance leaders and generals this is where you come in. I belong to an alliance 0f 30 people i know for a fact that most of you belong to the same or higher Use the chat in your particular alliances for what they are for and thats to coordinate.I’m sure if I post a boycott in my alliance chat out of 30 people I may get atleast 2 follow throughs.If the 1% that comes here does the same in all alliances That 1% will triple in a week and then eventuall self perpetuate. It isn’t that the other 99% of the players don’t care its that they don’t even know this is an option or a place to be heard in the first place and as that 1% who does come here its our job to rally the other 99% to our cause using guild chat. Its almost to the point where being a forum memeber should be a pre-requisite for being able to even join an alliance with all Flare has robbed its players of don’t cha think?

That’s why I never spend real money in games. I always conquer everything by playing only. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s possible. May take longer, but yes, it’s possible. :slight_smile: