Stop ending battles before they're finished.

This isn’t a huge deal, but I want to address it anyway.

Many people are having problems of raids ending before they’ve finished. Often there are towers left that need be taken down for the player to get 100%. Yet tearing down the Castle Gate automatically ends the battle, even when there’s still time left on the clock.

Now some may ask, “What if this extra time gives the hero more time to die?” Well, what’s the problem with that? Death just triggers the end of the battle, just like tearing down the Castle Gate. So even if the hero dies 1sec after bringing down the Castle Gate, that’s just like tearing down the Castle Gate today. No problem.

I feel that removing this game mechanic would prevent such annoyances as:

  1. Towers by the gate

  2. Paths that run adjacent to the Castle Gate

  3. Battles generally ending too early.

It would prevent “work-arounds,” so to speak.