Stop HADES challenge, how to participate?

Hi all

Could anybody please tell me how to participate in this event specifically?!

is there any place to submit the stuffs/ or who gonna receive the information (name, video link)

@CaptainMorgan please help sir! Many thanks ?

@AlexJark in order to participate, you guys have to do the following:

a) record a video of you playing the challenge, making sure you follow  all of the rules, specified by Morgan in the announcement 

b). Put your video on youtube, google drive or any other cloud storage that _ can be accessed by other people _

c) Post the link to your video in the contest thread

d) Wait for the prizes to be announced

Hello. I want to ask i can stop hades destroying my gate and also i can kill him one time. What will be the reward? 500 for protecting gate and also 3000 gems for killing hades, right? Or do i have to kill him 4 times for 3k gems?

@Hellslord judging from the rules message, killing Hades one time grants you 3000 gems, so I will go with this explanation. @CaptainMorgan can give us a difinitive answer, since this challenge is entirely his idea.

Killing hades “one time” for 3000 gems? I think it’s too simple…?

Let’s hope it’s true. I’m looking forward to 3k gems! :slight_smile:

It is written like that. 1 kill is easy for highest levels but not an easy task for the rest. I am waiting forward to see 3.5 k gems too:) A good reward for old loyal players. 

A question…should the video start from the screen where there is “test your defense”? or is it necessary to start it from the previous screen?

Both ok. Key point to show your in game name and automode on… 

The player who manage to stop him with lowest percent and also kill him atleast once will be declared the winner… 

Hey guys,

You will win 500 for stopping him, 1500 for the player (per player!) with the lowest %.

You will receive an  additional  3000 for killing him once or more (killing multiple times does not add 3000 each time).

As a side note: I always complete any challenge I make beforehand, so I already know how easy/difficult it is. This is much easier for high level players, but is not at all easy for others, hence the nice prize if you’re a veteran, and the chance to get an awesome free Gem boost for lower-level players, with a bit more hard work.

Hope you’re enjoying killing that $%&#!

_ 3x killing, can I have my money now?  :slight_smile: _


KNOCK KNOCK I killed Him 11 times?? Will I get some extra bonus.?

Guys, please shut up.  I can’t kill Hades, level 92 player here. :slightly_frowning_face:

You can stop him from breaking the gate … ?? 

And i guess you too can kill him try making a choke point of 6-7 towers you too will be able to kill him…

Yes I can stop him, no problem, but i can’t kill him. :wink:

Give hades these spells (oceonos, siren, talos)  and troops (warrior, spearman, snake, mitours). Put 2 consecutive nyxs at the beginning without helios, touching the path. These troops and spells can not destroy nyxs and stops the troops. Make a killer parallel road ending with a  corner (first corner 2 hydra 1 apollo, second corner 2 apollo 1 hydra, and trianas). Try snakes at waves of 3, 4,5,6 (poison killing him good, fire does not harm him). Or testmy path

Aren’t we supposed to, like, keep these a secret until the contest is over?

No harm in helping someone else. <3

I will send you a direct message. :slight_smile: