stop messing up with players

ok again its crap. all warr season i walk throug bases from oponents easy . now last important war game is fucked up again. i come to an baricade with full army like rchers and at least 3 canons . i use sonic and sword storm and stil baricade is half health ???

this is stupid . again testen own base and normaly reach gate now i dont even reach half and nothing changed use same timing . combo and playstyle … i am forced to uses scrolls on normal easy opponents and no they dont have the healing archers or towers etc … this looks just so programmed to force players to use scrolls …

flare get your head out of your you know what and start fixing this cause its for weeks now that i run in same problems . and i hear more people complaining about that ,

Step 1 : Stop buying gems AND/OR playing.

Step 2 : Find another game or an hobby.

Step 3 : Problem solved.

Step 4 : Live happily ever after

Hmmmmm. Could both sides have activated elite boosts?



I’ve some of you posts around the forums. Telling everyone to just quit the game isn’t going to solve anything :confused: . Maybe saying that a few times might be funny, but after a while, it serves no purpose at all and has 0, if not negative contribution.

Or alternatively your boosts ran out. Or you forgot to change your hero set to the spell booster/war set?


I get your point Snape. But I have a big problem when someone complains about a freemium game being unfair. Seriously, the developers doesn’t own anything to anyone. Stop taking this game as something that must respond and care to all your need.


Each time there is an update, people complain. It’s never enough. 


It’s a GAME, downloaded for FREE. And if you pour money into this game, it’s your fault, not the developer’s fault.

Oh and by the way, how the hell is starting a thread called “Stop fucking people” not a negative contribution ?

Is fucking always a negative thing? In some contexts it can be a wonderful thing between a man and a woman and sometimes also a horse :slight_smile:

First, stay calm and try to explain the problem more in detail. Getting angry and showing your frustrations is understandable, but isn’t helping solving the problem you have right now.

  • Is season archer boost still active?
  • Is power archer boost still active?
  • What is your level of sonic blast?
  • Are you using sword rain or bladestorm?
  • Did the opponenst have tough barricade or not?
  • Did you change spells or troops?

A maxed tough barricade has very much ‘life’ points. Usually a max tough barricade can be destroyed fast with:

  • max sonic blast,
  • max blade storm, 
  • a bunch of blazing knights 
  • a very large ranged army (including canons).

Sword rain will not help you to destroy fences and towers, it’s only good against troops, let that be clear. And Sword rain even can be the cause of the problems you experience right now. The season archer boost is totally overpowered in combination with power archer. When active and with maxed archer, most bases untill 4k+ can be raided 100% without any problem, unless the player you are raiding is in a close to max alliance. Remember that their boosts are more powerful. You already excluded that the barricades got healed by arrow towers and frenzy blasters, so I will not go deeper into detail for that.


What I didn’t read from your post is the following. When season archer dies, some kind of battlecry effect is released to troops and buildings nearby. And if they die with a lasting spell, like sonic blast or bladestorm, their effect is stacked. And when you try to destroy a barricade that just got extra toughness at that point with another spell, you can forget about it. So if for example you use swordrain to kill all season archers nearby a barricade and then try to use sonic blast, forget it, the barricade isn’t even destroyed half. The problem is bad timing. Kill troops in front of the barricades with a lasting spell and then go for the barricade is also creating problems. Since it is a lasting spell, the archers don’t die simultaniously and stack their effect on the barricade. Result is that you even can’t break it half.


Compare it with a howling wolf. If they die nearby the fence, it’s toughness gets harder (Doubled!). You should see a red glow above the barricade. When that’s the case, wait with using spells like bladestorm or sonic blast to launch, otherwhise you indeed only can break half the points. When a howling wolf and season archer both die in it’s range, the effect could be stacked and the barricade could be even more tough for a short period.


I can tell you that troops that are in range when a season archer dies get hyper and are much tougher to kill. When a bunch of your season power archers are hitting them, you won’t notice, but with spells I can tell you that’s different. A blaster that is hypered survives a max blizzard, while even frenzy blasters won’t!


When a barricade is strengthened by this hyper effect, even season archers will have difficulties to break a barricade down. Since it also happens to your own defense, I guess season archers are still active, and if so, are you also using them in defense. With power archer boost, even archers only are able to tear the barricades down, it takes a second or two, unless… they are slowed down by frosters! And that’s why I use higher scream with these boosts, otherwhise I would run short on time also, just because of the battlecry effect on those barricades every now and then.


When this season is over, you should check if you still have same problems. I expect things to start normal during cooldown.

You again?