Stop Pretending Like we Want an Archer or Paladin Perk!

I keep seeing big announcements for special bonus archer or paladin perks!  

No one wants those stupid perks! 

Give us Life Drain, Skull Bonus, Farmer, one of your valuable perks!

When I get Archer and Paladin I scrap the weapon, buy a new one and start again!

The most valuable is a farmer perk, I guess. Others are totally useless. I had life-drain, and the probability of getting a life by hitting players was next to nothing considering the onslaught the king himself was taking.

But yes, other than the useless perks these would be far better. :slight_smile:

Life drain valuable? what? :stuck_out_tongue:


With 3 lifedrain perk items u have like 60… 60hp gained per attack on a king with 20k hp… hmmm :confused: useful no

Yeah its a laugh :slightly_frowning_face:


But back to the topic I totally agree… Paladin is only good now during the event when it is double boosted, otherwise I never even bother using them in def or offense. And  it just annoying if I wish to get something actually useful on my ring and you increase the chances to get this :confused:


Better if u can cycle the perks like spell days, unit days etc… or even BETTER! Make us choose our own damn perks so we can avoid this casino sink :confused:

Life drain perk is more like life tickle no troops even feel it. I feel gutted because of all the pearls wasted.



Is farmer perk that valuable? :confused:


I save 22 bread each battle.  I know people saving 40!  That’s valuable to me!


That’s the only perk which is quantifiable.  

even 10 bread per war saved makes a difference.

Double start morale is rather sweet… can make 3 ogers right as raid starts if u get it to 110%+

Some spell boosts are nice if 4000+   get like 400 more damage on swordrain etc…


For ios and android users farmer perk doesnt mean anything since well… food videos

From 220 bread per battle now i use 168 bread per attack.