@CaptainMorgan @Chris stop meddling with things that are working well. Secondly, shouldn’t you be more focussed on fixing the damn bugs first? This is stupid to say the least. You guys have completely lost it. You have successfully destroyed a wonderful game and you’re calling it a bug again. This is just insanity. So many bugs to fix and you Start mucking around with things that are working fine? Set your priorities straight. And stop nerfing things

Very sad to see a wonderful expressive good game on mobile be destroy like this. In just few updates. This games make me love mobile games. Now no fun anymore. People will uninstall it and play something else. Many others wonderful mobiles arrive on mobiles in September : Command and Conquer : Rivals, Also Elder Scrolls Blades, you have awesome games like Ocean Legends you can play. You can see the list in the OFF topic I have made about suggestion of video games on mobiles

Apparently, this game was inspired by this book. Not greek mythology.

guys this is some extraordinary shit going down. It’s not easy f**king up a good game in such a short period of time. 2 major nerfs and an updated war system that has more bugs than the amazon in such a short time. I gotta hand it to you guys. You really have outdone yourselves this time. ???

…wow, if you hate that sort of thing in OR, you would probably die over at Royal Revolt . We’ve had bugs all over the place for months and they broke the news and told us, 2 months ago, that the bug fixes would come out at the end of July, how about that for crappy, huh? 

I admit we should not complain too much in OR. At least CaptainMorgan and the team fix stuffs enough fast. in RR2 they have all the fix but tell us to wait 2 or 3 month if not 6 month to wait a specific update to have a fix. So when RR2 will have 4.0 and a ton of bugs come out we will wait 6 month to have a fix. So in theory we should not complain too much about bugs fix in OR