stop spamming

Stop spam about the end of battles on the map of conquest and in the mail.

my life is too short to wait for spam about victory / defeat of battles not interesting for me to stop

So you suggest that we should not recieve information when battle finish?

I’m not sure if this is what you mean,but here goes:

I dislike the mailing spam… but it’'s fine since I can click the trash icon to delete the notifications.

Now, about the Conquest “You won”/“You lose” map videos:

If you keep that as is, I suggest you create a “Skip Animation” button, so we can at least skip all of that.

Or else, remove that entirely and create a button on the bottom right to show the war battle log, just like on the mail (but maybe less).

EDIT: A “Clear All” button on the mail would be awesome too! :grinning:  

Yeah, a Clear All button would be good, but if that’s the case, then maybe we have a different mailbox for invites from alliances or maybe add a filter where you can choose which messages to delete

3 things seems to be needed for Conquest :

1.Button for turn off animation of win/lose Fight (for the one who find it annoying)

2.Clear ALL button in mail

3.Fix the win/lose animation. On PC I have often twice or triple. Very annoying

or a log of won/lost battles at which tiles in Conquest (similar to log history in alliance wars) instead of the constant animations that come up (for some, they get 2x animations still) for each wars won/lost.

I understand that for Conquest, there are much more wars and this would create more overhead but removing these animations altogether may improve the load vs a log that can be accessed only if you want to see it.