Kinda sad when people join a alliance for the boosts they offer. But even more so when an alliance recruits on nutthin but the fact they offer those boosts. Wheres the friendship?

you made a duplicate topic you noob

Yes he wrongly made 2 topics but there is no reason to offend.

how’s it offensive calling him by his username? :stuck_out_tongue:

Boost > friendship

Betray! Betray! Betray!

Haha @ atlas!


Alliance built on boost seekers will not hold for a long time.

Agreed Ed!

How long can u avoid ogres nd wolves?! Eventuality will catch up to u sooner than ur friendly alliance can upgrade!!

Equynox u plan on leaving ur alliance once your boosts end…?

Alas I don’t yet hv such freedom since I only hv lvl 7 alliance tower. Not many top alliances would accept me!!

Not ATLAS THE GREAT. Im the peasant ateam4

sadly but this is the way the game is!

but well, in the first place no one really gives a damn about friendship in games, unless they are already friends in the first place. 

I do agree with you that most prefer boosts and don’t care for friends. My estimate is around 80% care for boosts 20% friends. The alliance I am in when not on visits (xXx_DeathToAll_xXx) doesn’t run boosts, maybe barricades in war for fun. We do hope to at some point but it wont be yet. But I would 100% prefer to be in my alliance with no boosts but talking, laughing, having banter, helping each other etc everyday than have some boosts that make the game easier while not speaking to anyone. FU*K THAT.

And shout out to G&M of course

Fresh, you are 100% right. Game is for fun. I’m with you :slight_smile:

I only have 150k donation but I can join bigger SK alliances due to my reputation…or should I say my(and a friends) accounts reputation…

Well good for u Atlas! But what “reputation” might I ask?

I hv been feeling the need for boosts since I croosed 3k trophies and now that I am above 3.5k almost all the bases hv boosts during non-war time.

Why can’t the alliance be understanding for a change nd say that u should venture out to seek a better one! Till all the troops nd spell researches are done nd dungeons completed nd base strengthened enough, u ll need a top lvl alliance. Then u can come back to ur alliance nd help ur friends nd be free from any hoopla at the top lvl.

Also I don’t know why so many people in this post hv it in mind that only friends they r going to make are in their present allainces nd the rest of people especially the boost running alliances are some kind of evil people, formed by people who are seeking boosts only!! What a joke!

while my friend played on this account he worked hard and eventually became known in the SK alliances…I dont deserve to have the boosts since my friend deserves them but I’m working hard to clear my name of bieng a jumper and to prove to them I am still pretty good like my friend…

Man, u just sound like a politician :stuck_out_tongue: