Does your Emperor make you remove your crown before you shine his shoes?


The average General accepted the burdon of yellow because he/she has allowed his the strength of his base to fall in an unbalace with his LV. resulting in loosing more skulls in war than he can earn. he then compensates for this by ordering you into a grind and spending you donations on shields.

 thats cool thou. gives them a value on the team insted of a total liability…


be as loyal as your pud sucking heart desires. obey your master. give them 85 mill while your at it.


good boy

Huck, if this is the situation in your alliance,then you are wasting your time in the wrong place…

You are invited to join us (or at least to visit during the recesses). All the members are equal. No grinding required and no stress demanded. Leader and generals are for administration purposes only.

We nominate generals to let them practice and to be ready for future leaderships. We let our generals practice their strategical skills, nominating them as leaders during seasons.


Seeya with us :slight_smile:

Yeah huck. Join g&m… And leave the Nuns. alone …



thanks I will visit your Alliance one day. :slight_smile:


no I dont speak of Anyone in perticular with my rant. im enjoying my time at LOA currently in fact.

Bothers me to hear the pressure people apply to remain “loyal” to lazy yellows they brainwashed. im nuts u know that lolz


not to become political but keep in mind im an American :slight_smile:


Our leader serve us and we do not kiss crowns we speak our minds and possess no shame.



@ other Mickey


oooooo a nurse/nun nice. tell me u wearing a bun. and consiter it done. you are alone.




*who wanna play Chief? we gunna run it book style looks like so no worrys if you gabby

Got my vote :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, didnt win me over :confused:

Atlas for president!

meh…I am a democracy person but if im going to be the leader I’d make it a monarchy and I shall be the king!!!

Alot of topics go very off topic

But we offer almost no boosts…


there you go on topic again

someone pls dellete micky’s post, he’s getting back on-topic, who does that!?!?!?

ive had the pleasure of a chat w micky.


her forum posts are sooo funny but she quite the dunce in person.


I suspect a hun is ghost-writing for her



Micky is a she? I thought Micky was a he…(I originally thought she was a it but writing that would be mean, Im not saying this…forget that you read this…) damn…we really need a queen avatar…

gender dont matter.


everyone likes video games


I know a few gilrs that could whoop yer azz

First off I care about talking about gender, I dont want to call micky a he when she is…well…a she… second of all i have to ask…is ronda rousey one girl you were talking about? Ok i dont like getting back to the topic but I dont want me and huck to get into a verbal fight(its off topic,vulgar,and i dont want a mod or CM any trouble to delete our posts)

Agreed- my beef isnt with you (today lolz)


its only she asked me to leave nuns alone. wich i found curious sine i did, in fact speak on her team 3 times that day (but only in genuine complament to my pleasurable experince there in a recent visit.


when i asked er 'why the diss? i got some unusual responces (PM: CLASSIFIED)


u ok Atlas. i aint pullin yer pants down today if i dont gotta

I’m good