Stop the JOKES with Pearls

I will ask everyone to post in here ,for this guys from The Developers to read for themselves how the pearls from the 3rd box actually works.

So I will make a start by calling them and the man who reply to Revenant a liar . He said that the pearls in the box are increased. Yes if you don’t find them or yes if you pay GEMS for it. But if you are a lucky person to find the 3rd box without paying for it the max amount you are getting is 12. Next time I’ll make a print screen. But you guys know how it works since you are the ones playing with the software. So I’ll ask you once again don’t mock us ,the ones which have been paying you a lot in the past.Please be human and fair if you say something keep your word.


Counted 14 rounds in the chamber where I opened all the 3 chests without using gems and the pearls in 3rd chest was 10-15 just like before update. 14 times guys…

I also tested spending gems to open the chests and there we go not long before I got 60+ and max 100 pearls but ONLY if I used gems.

Flare saying they want to reduce the p2w and make pearls easier but look at this… a new feature to get more pearls by spending more gems is what they gave us

show 68-70 and more

got 12 +/-

Completely agree, I actually have a screenshot:


This happened today…

I got several times around 80 (but also some 12) so I have to disagree. I also got much more gold on the 3rd chest than before. So I have nothing to complain. They didn’t say that you will get tons of pearls on every 3rd chest. They just mentioned that they have increased the amount of pearls that can be found in the Chamber of Fortune but they did not give any specific. It’s just a matter of patience and being lucky I guess.

You open chests for skulls by gems? :lol:

I got 11 pearls on my third chest just now. Its been a long time since I saw gems in the chest.

Actually you are wrong… They did not say that they have increased the amount of pearls that CAN be found in the COF

Here is a copy from that line in the dev post

“we increased the amount of Pearls you get from CoF”

There is a huge difference between  “The amount of pearls you get” vs “The amount of pearls you CAN get”

The way it was said underlines that it would be a consistent increase and not a possibility of getting the increased value. Im now on 17 times with opening all 3 chests where the 3rd chest had a pearl value of 10-15. And for the sake of repetition when I gem up the chests and find pearls they are almost always 60+

And another thing… as we see they said they are increasing the amount of pearls we get from COF but why does first and second chest with pearl(s)  still have 1 or 2 pearls? Thats NOTHING…  

I got 12 pearls in the third box, that too twice today.  :angry:

Flare has started to cheat the players ???.!!!

Cheat without gettin caught like this  :stuck_out_tongue:

If they wanna screw over players to spend more gems and pretend its their way of making it less p2w atleast try do it less obvious lol

Today third box got 13 pearls. So Aether   what do you say about this? You are also a player . Any fare comments on this topic? ANY rectified auction from the development team? Or it stays as it is? 

It is a matter of payment Gems for it in your case. This post is after being fed up the lies. You can imagine that I won’t do it after the first 15. But you get to 20+ and the results are the same every single time. The max amount I have got was 13. Bottom line.

Aether replied that she would forward the issue on the thread that I made on the same topic.

In my opinion they should remove the possibility of getting the totally lame pearl values that we are getting… 10-15 pearls is a value that should be in first or second chest NOT in the third one… just absurd

so true BTW why do you even think that the pearls you will get from cof will even help you that much you forgot abut the fail attempts sometimes it happen when you even spend like 1700 pearls only for fail attempts this won’t be fixed until they give us a way to buy pearls with gems 20k gems with 20k pearls for 150$ or something still decent better then wasting 20k gems for 3k pearls may be 2.5k wtf we need tons of pearls every day now we lose more on fail attempts again shit this game has no end even if you spend a fortune they should give us a way to buy pearls now with gems -_-

 Same here i got 14 pearls in the third box!!! What a joke!! Where is the 50 to 90 gems or pearls?

Flare should get rid of laughing skull in the COF,All 6 boxes must contain items, golds, bread, gems and pearls.

I totally agree that they should remove the lame 10 pearls rewards, it is hard enough to get the 3rd chest let alone be screwed over because you are a free player. I also have gotten 1 pearl in chest number #1. This is just wrong, you should not get 1 pearl in a chest EVER!

First time I found pearls in the 3rd chest since the last update. 

Hey! Where are those 70, 50, 100 pearls I’ve been seeing all the times I chose the wrong chest?  :huh:

Today I played on my phone, I made it to CoF and got the third chest, but when it was about to open I noticed that the game froze for a few seconds, isn’t it completely obvious what was happening? The algorythm we discovered was being executed, “Did this dude spend gems in this CoF?” I never use gems, so the answer was “No.”, and surprise! I only got 12 pearls again! Come on, Flares! You must be kidding, you increased the pearl prizes only for those who spend gems on opening the chests. Maybe you didn’t notice, but this was a terrible idea, it’s fair to give great prizes even if we don’t gem there!!!

Player spent gems in COF    YES = Big pearl value    NO= Screw this turd, give him 10 pearls!

Highest I’ve ever gotten is 14 pearls. Period. 

Still don’t see the “we INCREASED the amount of pearls in CoF”

This is very disappointing  :slightly_frowning_face: