Stop the player churn rate

Flare needs to determine why so many people just give up on the game. Personally, I am never ever bored by this game, but maybe others are? I don’t know. All I know is that people request to join my alliance, I accept them, and then they stop playing, sometimes almost immediately. I get so tired of the constant recruitment and constant abandonment of players. If they were going to another alliance that would be one thing, but they are not. They just go inactive never to be heard from ever again. 

I have seen entire alliances comprised of 14 or even 20 inactive players. That is just crazy. Flare needs to determine why so many people are giving up on the game and figure out how to stop that and retain them instead or else they will eventually run out of new people picking up the game and the game will collapse. This needs to be the primary focus of Flare now. Too many people are leaving. Even some of my best people who have been with my alliance for a long time and have donated tons of gold are leaving. It’s like everyone is getting restless or something. I have kept my alliance going for over 1.5 years, but now it feels like it, along with the game itself, is totally collapsing. 

We are having the same problem in my alliance. 

And 90% of it comes from trying to get decent player participation.

If Flare added stats to the alliance where Generals, Leaders…  maybe everyone could track the participation of players.  I think it would revolutionize the game.

Most generals and Leaders need to make annoying and copius notes in an excel sheet transcribing from the game.  It’s stupid that a game that demands so much participation has no way to track it.

I don’t know if its the right answer but my guess on that :

1.Gameplay Time : This game demand so much time and the majority of player have a life outside the game. I play since 1 year and 7 month and I am only level 99. My stuff just start to be max and my wave and defense need a lot of improve but I know some quit after level 30 or 40 because the game take so much time its crazy. Not everyone like spend over 2 year or 3 year in the same game.

Solution : Maybe reduce the time of upgrade. 7 days,10 days maybe 12 days for max defense its so long for nothing. The goal of this game is ‘‘Raiding’’ not doing the list full and play 1 week later. I am not so much fan of this kind of game. If I continue to play it its because I have time and a youtube channel. Maybe reduce the time max at 4 days

2.Harassment,Intimidation,etc… In this game we have all : Spy,jumper and some player who like harass players for fun because there are a bad person and their fun its scrap the others fun,etc… Others harass for trophies or gold,etc…

Solution : Reduce the maximum raid on the same player.Something like 10 attack and a cooldown of 24 hours. something like the game I have play in the past on browser via Firefox. The game call o10c a battleship game and defense in real time. If I remember the game have a limit of 8 attack each day if the player abuse of it he was banned

3.Gold : Some player don’t like to lose so much gold and cannot do anything. Some can find difficult to find gold in this game. Sure not everyone are a pro of gold finding. There is so much way to obtian gold but not everyone are good in video game. its normal

Solution : I don’t know

maybe others raison like War boring, so much bugs in the game,Flaregames don’t care of the customers and some quit if their problem are not solve,etc…

I tihnk we cannot do anything about that




I think it’s a time thing. We need a max of 5 to 6 battles per fiefdoms and no more than 2 fiefdoms attacked at the same time. I grow tried of spending so much time playing in war.

True, sometimes opening 3-4 fronts means 30-40 battles in a day. Those who have time can def. play those, but who don’t have feel let down. A sense of guilt that they could not contribute, even though they are active and good players. 

I also like the 5-6 battles per front suggestion, then 3-4 fronts is ok. Guess 10 battles is bit boring, especially after the first 3 battles the skull count is totally dependant on CoF. 

Please FG, try to work out the war schedule, skulls , or rewamp the war bases, and introduce more fun, like war alliance rewards. Remove the obsolete simple chests and start with legendary chest and then uber chest from say 20000 skulls onwards.



I think they should drop it to 3 days… really 5 days out of 14 ?

Actually I think they need to end the current war setup. Its broken and boring.

The game has enough grinding without wars.

Do another event thing with boosts as rewards and kill the war off entirely.

Alliances will be a better place and not purely driven by skulls and donations.

I have introduced the game to a lot of players and most of them has stopped playing. I myself has stopped a few times only to start again. I will list the reasons I think players stop playing:

Why do players stop playing:

  1. The requirement to use gems in CoF during war & ninja event. This is the biggest reason I have found people leaving. The whole system feels like you are being ripped off & and after a while most just can not take it any more.

  2. The loss of connection during a ninja event - is so highly frustrating that I have lost total interest for a few days.

  3. The long upgrade times just wear most people out. Added with the difficulty to find gold especially during the 2-day events.  If I can have 100 million gold now - I will be able to spend it immediately

  4. The current war system is totally unrewarding. Players lost interest & eventually stop playing.

  5. Most players is not cut out to play a game for more than 6-12 months when it is not really free and also require so much effort. 

What to change:

  1. CoF & gold problem should be addressed first.


Now the chests determine almost 25% of the total possible skulls, that’s way too much. Be honest Flare, it has nothing to do with wanting to add a luck factor.

I would be more satisfied with a situation like Olympus Rising, give 6 rewards, if you want them all, just pay some gems (not 15, but less). Also in that case you will receive enough gems I bet, maybe even more.

I would change war season rules plus rewards drastically.

  • Give better gold rewards, maybe hero level of defender multiplied by 500 5000 is a better gold reward during war season. Now we get often 14k-, with all respect, that’s no reward, but only forcing players to stop helping their team. Outside the season they can easily get targets giving 500k+ rewards.
  • Introduce a new constraint, war raids first. As long as you didn’t do all your raids in ongoing wars, you aren’t allowed to raid any player outside the war season. So if you are in cooldown or part of a team that has no ongoing wars, you are allowed to raid, otherwise do your war raids first. 
  • Don’t add the gold won by war or ninja raids to the treasure room. Introduce a safe where gold rewards from war season and ninja events can be stocked plus are 100% protected from robbery. I would even be happy, when that stock max can hold 10M. This gold can be used to help upgrading anything in the kingdom.  

I feel many people quit or jump is that RR2 is not the only game in the universe. 

Some may just download and see the tutorial and leave it, some may go on and leave it after some time, somebody might lose all gems by skipping cd and leave it, some may be too busy in life to play it, some may not want to use up so much internet, some may find a better game, some may have a bad experience and so on.

Yup, it is all about skulls in CoF and the skull perk. At max an alliance can gain 68k skulls from cof which is indeed too much.

Well Flare would not implement 3 rewards system since it will require changing the whole concept but if they do, I suspect the CoF coins and Skulls may be shifted to the last chest rather than the 1st chest making situation worse, so I won’t speak much in favour of it keeping in mind the consequence.

-> Well the amount is still low, 500x130=65k. Somebody gets just 65k for beating a top player. Currently, the rewards are based on the strength of the base which is right, maybe 2x. Since you cannot have a 300k-400k reward for beating the lowest player.

-> Well no. This is not the solution. I have 4 fronts on a day, i.e. 40 raids. On 3 fronts I’m done 10/10 and on the last front we’re losing badly, why should I complete my all raids, I should have the freedom to attack anyone for winning leagues, farming gold, etc.

-> Well it will never happen since it is like virtually, flare is giving a free gold shield. :slight_smile:  



True + infinity with all the suggestions.


Gold-why not remove the treasure chamber cap to address the issue? People will just keep on accumulating, and raids will have more gold. So in the end, if I have lots of gold, I can simultaneously upgrade 2-3 towers. Also, I don’t have to play continuously every day to generate gold, because no two days are the same. When I am free i do my max. raids have gold and move on doing other important things.

CoF- give more skulls to higher and tougher base rather than equalizing it between higher and medium players. Remove or make the CoF skulls insignificant. 

Make upgrades time smaller, constantly introduce new events and bring freshness to the game. FG, have the same enthusiasm that you had had when you introduced the game.

Remember people pay for what lasts long. There could be a spike for something different, but if it’s not reliable that spike (cash) will go out soon.


People farming pearls and gems will not like your suggestion  

but it will only increase the chances of having those… no?

You will want to attack my base if I have 50 mill rather than having 5 mill.



Indeed, but why is the treasure room limited to the gold required for the most expensive upgrade? Double or triple the amount of gold that the room can hold. Then they can also farm pearls and gems when they reached that max.


Exactly, with more gold in treasure room, players will offer also higher loot for others. Only need they limit the amount of gold that can be stolen. I hope that when leaving 50M in vault, that it isn’t possible to rob 15M within a couple of hours. It must get more attractive to leave gold unprotected behind, so there should be a clear limitation of maximum robbed gold between a certain period of time.

And gems? I tested it a few times, never found any of them in CoF, unless I indeed continued by spending gems first. But you are correct, in chests there also are more chances to find gems due to this.


After War ends, (not opened any chest as yet) I may fill my treasure chamber and my silo so I’ll get only pearls, gems and items from them. Even the video chests will give pearls, gems and gear. If that cap is raised it is way more difficult to that level. I don’t know how many raids it will take to reach 45M. It will be harder. I am not saying the cap should exist but I neither say there should not be a cap. 

Definitely there should be a cap. I forgot about the rewards from chests, I am getting old I guess, forgetting too many things lately. 

Oh! in that way. yes, true, I missed that point. But then again, having a full chamber has never given a great degree of gems and pearls…at least for me. I would rather charge up the blackie to give me pearls.



Guys, we tried it several times. Truth be told - nothing could be changed this way.

RR2 is still alive mainly because even with a players leaving, this is the best game in FG arsenal still. Cause in terms of revenue - other projects are not half as good (even though this game with proper touch could have brought FG 3-6 times more money than now + players would be much happier).

That is why we get faster fixes than other games. And that is why we would not get any changes we ask for. At this moment - RR2 seems like the only not failed FG project, and they do not want to change things much, in case it could hurt their main revenue stream.

There are much things that are easy to add and would benefit players and developers at the same time, just from the top of my head:

  1. Reduced building time for towers and obstacles, with some kind fo cosmetic reward for those players who upgraded to max prior to changes.

  2. Visual upgrades for towers, castle, troops. Would earn FG like 100% more money than they are having from the game now, since players from my experience love cosmetic stuff in games.

  3. Nickname change with cooldown of 2-3 months, for like 4-5k gems.

  4. A way to change items appereances, for gems, from your wardrobe (so we can actually get good looking items on our heroes, not that ugly stuff we are forced to wear, choosing from appereances of items we have already).

  5. This is a hard one, and it could be half as hard as creating RR3. Create a war system + Alliance Kingdom system. Rival Kingdoms have a very interesting system of Alliance Kingdom, which is upgraded by players, where players can get ranks and benefits, depending on that rank.

Similiar could be done here. Huge Kingdom for alliances, that unlocks new areas with fiefdoms we win + gets resouces from those fiefdoms (sawmills, farms e t.c.), which could be used to improve it. Add a limited donation possibility = FG gets revenue, we get best game ever.

But as I’ve said - no one cares about that, all want to get their projects safe and not work on anything except some rare minor changes :confused:


RR2 has changed quite a lot from just plain raiding to etc, etc, etc. How much ever we crib, cry, complain, RR2 is one of the best :slight_smile: