Stop trophy compensation


What a surprise on trophy rank over night. Seems that some players gained over 700 trophies.

Flare Game this is LAME. I hope this is the last trophy compensation you operate!

thats shows how active most of us are! before update we gain trophies all day and we lost more in a few hours by not playing!

Really? Did something changed to defense/offense? I didn’t see any. So how come now you don’t loose?

You should be ashamed. You are not doing 200 fights in 6h to gain 600 trophies as after 3000 trophies mark for your lvl all target are 3 trophies for you.

i still lose trophies, but 5 trophies each battle is 100 trophies after 20 battles and i gained 500 in last 2 days for battling and lost a lot too

Dude stop it. I see you you are rank 9 with 3515 trophies. If you earned that trophy gz for you. Look at ranks 1-5. Those guys were not even in top 10 before update. That means they were in best case around 3000 trophies and bellow. Now they are 3600 to 3900. So I am pissed on Flare Games, not on honest players.

read my second post higher lvls lost more then they gain after very active day of  playing they couldnt reach top 10 because they got farmed all the time, btw what is your level and did you check what lvl the guys in top 10 ranking are.

you are lvl 52 and you have 3000k+ trophies well i didnt have that when i was lvl 52 how did you get so much?

By being active and smart. This is second account built in a smart way to use game mechanics. And yes after this update I went up 200 trophies by fighting all day. But seeing that all my targets are 3 trophies if you want to go up 600 trophies that means around 450 minutes of non stop attacking. So you tell me are you a kid in vacation who can play all day? Or your logic reason is not so good?

BTW when you were lvl 52 nobody had 3k+ trophies. Those days 2500 was a very high amount. After that there was the update when KFOOL went 5k because the screwed trophy system. You high ascensions were compensated with trophy at that point as now again.

let me tell you im a hard working guy, and only play if i have free time like now, and i never got compensated with trophies like others were after they messed up the game, had to fight my way back up everytime like most of my members and survive and keep going, even if they were not motivated to play the game anymore , and a lot of them stopped playing after all this nonsense, i didnt kick them because they were low on trophies and replace them with low levels high trophy count! and i dont know if this system works, but for now its how it supposed to be and players have to build and level up again.

ps looks like you have more free time then me, if you have two active accounts to deal with!

Man do you know that guys in top 5 from RED SQUADRON? Can you confirm that they are fighting like crazy all day long? 3500 trophies like you have is nothing suspicious (it can be achieved by very hard work), but 3900 is.

I am not accusing you of anything. I am accusing Flare Games of non fair behave. 

PS: I stopped play old account. I don’t have so much free time :slight_smile:

yep i know i am the general of RED SQUADRON and we are very active  :grinning:  like always.

maybe you should join if we have an open spot, you can check it yourself  :slight_smile:

I think everybody will feel more relaxed if we will find out this: 



First, please avoid personal attacks.

Second, we recently made some changes in the trophy system. Since the latest update, the weight of the player’s ascension level in the trophy calculation has been increased, which allows higher level Ascension player to catch up more easily.

If you are a really active player and high Ascension level player, it explains why you can catch up with the top leaderboards more easily than before. :grinning:

so that’s why most higher level players are getting a min of 5 instead of 3



And why did you stealth this change? How can we avoid flames if you stealth changes?

f you tied the level of ascension to the trophies, then why we need a rating of trophies? Who has more ascension is right. I never stopped playing for two days, and TOP3 slipped to 25th place.

In fact, a person can just pay (increase the level of ascension) and be TOP1. What is the point in this, then?

True, pay to be be in top trophy rank.

BTW Alysea from which ascension lvl you start getting 5 trophies instead of 3?

Also if those heavy ascension lvls did not invested in defense and offense (meaning max out for their hero temple lvl) why they should get trophy easier?

Ok so you don’t let me post with my current account DustStorm I’ll do it with my old one.

And to flame again I just talked in my alliance. There are people ascension 63-70 that are getting 3 trophies. There is one person ascension 61 who is getting 5. I am ascension 53 and getting 3.

Did you guys made an experimental change again to screw the system? Did you ever test the changes you release? Now I can see why you stealth this change!

And to be clear for you Alysea and for all those very high ascension lvls that now are in top, winning 5 trophies instead of 3 it is COMPENSATION!