Stop Uber Friends Chest

My suggestion is simple. Stop sending us Uber Friends Chests as virtually no one can enter friends code.

They are hugely annoying and creates a lot of dissatisfaction.

NO, please DON’T stop giving out uber friend chests.
They cause a lot of satisfaction, as they are the main
source of unique items for free players.

With the free daily uber chests you get roughly 2 unique
items per year of daily playing. That’s almost non existant.

Add a switch for players like Joker472, that can be turned
on to prevent the friend chests for them.

I fully agree with this.

It’s terribly annoying to the extent where I want to almost stop playing the game.

Please put a Dismiss buttton on them.


What kind of weed are you smoking…what free friends uber chest…have you not been playing at all??? if you haven’t any friends to give codes to they cost 500 gems!!! I do agree with a " switch to refuse or pass or just plane no…there is enough pop ups in the game with out adding more!!!

If you don’t have any friends to give codes then you make a fake account on another device :stuck_out_tongue:  

Real rocket scientist…it’s a damned annoyance…I already have a load of accounts…valid I might add…have even put some of these codes in other gaming forums…on face book etc etc etc…bottom line it is an absolute waste of time!!! it would be nice to be able to pass on the damned chests…

But hey thanks for the input…been there done that!!!

My “weed” already gave me 12 free unique items. Very nice. Karman said it all :grinning:

Yes, these chests are hugely destracting and get in the way on amounts of food and gold I’m collecting!  If I can’t entera friend code I should be able to dismiss the offer! Please correct.  Thank you!