Stop With The Overbearing Special Offers

Please, Flare, I know you need to monetize the game and you make some off of me when I buy gems.  But the number of interstitial popups is getting annoying and taking away from the fun of the game. It especially sucks when I screw up a raid, and getting back to the next raid is delayed by an offer loading slowly, then having to dismiss it. Here’s my thoughts.

  • There are entirely too many offers from Granny when I load up the game. I have only once gotten an offer for something that is actually an improvement in all the time I’ve played.  It is simply an imposition to have to dismiss it every time.  It used to be that you could dismiss and turn down an offer and there would be a long lag between new ones.  That was fine. but they are coming up all the time now and it’s frustrating. Even worse, when you do dismiss an offer the square is taken with the UBER Chest offer and not another piece of gear we might actually want.
  • Please stop offering UBER CHESTS for 1500 gems. I’m not going to buy one, and neither is anyone I know. It slows down the game loading.
  • Please also stop offering things like doubling gold or free chests and then telling us we have no videos available. If there are no videos, don’t waste my time with a delated popup offering me free gold that you won’t let me have.

Just give us fewer popups, or allow us to opt out of certain offers we’re never going to take.



Here is what I think on this…

  1. Granny should be replaced or updated where you can buy really good Uber equipment for gems.

  2. Uber chest offer can be a good deal. Out for 5 Uber chest you will get up 5 to 10 Uber items. Maybe one of those will replace your equipment and if that is what your are looking for not a good deal. If you are looking for gold, Uber is awesome deal. The items in 5 Uber will fill up TC if all sold without the need to gold hunt. I also believe they never expire(awesome for events).

3.Video offer are very buggy and I agree need to be addressed. I know you can keep trying on the free chest. I can get the chest on the 3rd try most times.


Granny should go and let Uber Granny take her place. 

“Offer Uber Items for gems/ gold”

I was actually surprised to find a legendary item with gold boost on it for 4M+. I did my raidings to buy that one, was a bargain since I usually not that often see a legendary item with reasonable stats for a price in gold.

But indeed, granny should also sell legendary plus uber items for gold. Actually, granny should not sell any items for gems or pearls. I hope she will get a boost with the new currency and that you can buy unique items there with the new currency. I only don’t hope it’s completely random again, I don’t like casino’s.

True, FG should be a champion in eliminating casino type playing. Think of the effect it has on young minds, indirectly FG is promoting these luck based games.



I am a little surprise to read that. Items with gold boost. you never get that before? I don’t know how many time I must melt or sell items with gold boost. its insane the gold boost in items you can obtain in Uber Chest or in Chest. I guess we have different luck :wink:

The new currency is Candy Canes. I believe this will be only for the winter event.

I find them quite often at grannies, but it’s an exception to find one with really good stats that’s for sale without needing to spend gems.