Store with diamonds unique

if they ever make something like a marketplace for uniques it has to be a seperate currency that is equal to all levels and new for all.
or maybe a kind of token system.
gems cannot be the answer for several reasons.

edit: and you can only sell on if you have it more than twice. and no direct exchange. and. and. and.


If they make a unique shop for gems by creating new uniques I’d be very pissed. Extreme cash grab. Why not make a marketplace to sell between people? That would fix 3 problems:
Duplicates(getting a unique would mean getting some gems)
Specific missing uniques
New players getting a unique or two to help them out

It would be necessary to create some event where these tokens could be obtained or in some promotion with diamonds

I’d buy the diamond Caduceus in a heartbeat :grin:


no gems. i collected a huge amount and i am sure i am not the only one.

Playing time is not fair for everyone, someone who has been playing for over 2 years, has everything and those who have a few months may have nothing

or make these promotions what for 2,500 diamonds in each titanium chest there will be some unique item, just as there are chests for heroes for 750 diamonds to make it some unique item

now there is nothing there, it doesn’t get any better things, what I bought it I sold

i collect bc i dont use them. or at least just a minimum. i like games where i dont have to but i can do. most of them i spent for alliance or buying items slots. and thats why i want a plain field for everybody.

token system could be: you gain 1 token every 100 days you log on to the system at the moment you can get uniques (dont know if there is a lvl restriction) or your acc lvl has reached a minimum. a token cannot be shared or sold or anything. if you „buy“ a unique you loose a token. the other player (which you do not see) receives gems. uniques you receive are not the same (as lvl could be different) they just drop as usual one level below your acc. and maybe several more things. but start fram a plain field.

edit: and even then it still could be exploited.

edit2: maybe not making the 100-days linear but a function of toke or time. whatever.

It must be a fair system for everyone, regardless of level, the difference would be in the statistics of a given unique just for the player level

1 token every 100 days? I don’t know if I will live tomorrow, it’s not a good idea:rofl:

It must be fair to everyone, it depends on the player how many unique item he buys, fixed price for everything, the difference is only in statistics because players have different levels

true. and not exploitable. maybe we are sseking for the holy grail.

but to be honest: what would you expect will happen? that everybody will sell a mirror shield? they would be so rare that you must have luck that you find one in the market.

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Because then its exploitable…

I got some of them 6-7 times… I can give them for free to friends. Or bring my mini in my alliance and give him all my extras for 1 gem each. That would make extra accounts cheating, that would be bad… nothing you can do now, but thats an other story


maybe flare has to hire an certified unique-trader :laughing:

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I think it would be a store where all items are unique at one price, fair to all, where Flare will earn and players get the right price for what they want, the question of currency remains, whether in what promotions for diamonds or for real money

You must not know anything about economics… what would happen is good uniques would cost a lot of gems, and shitty ones would cost very low amount. That supply and demand basics.
Ofc there would be mirror shields in the market, people get duplicates and cash in their gems

I already have 358 slots for armor and do not want more scrap:śmiać się:

If it’s all the same price it would be ridiculous, that would mean if they make it expensive people will only buy the best items and the shitty uniques will never be bought, and if they make it cheap, everyone would have every unique

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They could make a auction for every unique sale. People just keep bidding for them with gems, make it global and not just in alliance then
Not exploitable then. Hadn’t thought about your point