Storing base setups and waves and sharing them

As the topic name allready states.

I would like to see a improvement in rr2 so were allowed to store several different base design and wave setup.

With the Alliance wars raging trough rr2. Alot of Players have the war boost one week and lose them another. Switching set up of waves is becoming a dragg.

Also during wars alot of Players turn to a difference base build up. Just to have some extra hard to reach towers. To make sure they did everything so that the enemie cant get 100%

Besides that if you could store bases were more tempted to try out different setup and builds cause it would be easier to get back to a previous if they just dont work out.

For the sharing part, currently alot of alliances are helping there weaker members by giving them tips and trick on base design. Currently were stuck to screenshots and Movies made on phones. To help out of fellow Alliance members. Being able to share a base would surely help this process.

I like the idea , hopefully FG will implement this soon instead of giving more elite boost and other money spending option.We need useful added features too.

This is a gread idea!

I was just thinking the same thing these days about edit the path of your allies since “talk” it’s not the best way, saying “to move here, turn the towers etc” required years, it could be more easy design the path of them if they aren’t able to create their own or don’t know how to build it !

Hi Serenity,


I think this are two of the best suggestion I have heard in a long time.


1) We could have like “slots” to store our path/tower placement + waves designs that would be awesome.

Perhaps they give us 1 extra “slots” free (so base = 2) designs and we can buy others for GEMS. => extra revenue = incentive to do it!


This seems simple enough to implement.


2) to be able to hand over control temporarily of base design would be cool.

    perhaps the mechanics  could go as follows:

    a ) Players request help via alliance tower and player list of a general. Request is valid for X minutes.

    b ) General accepts request for help

    c ) Player must be offline for general to enter “assistance mode”

    d ) Game restart with General being inside a “locked down” version of the account.

         No gems/gold spending, no raiding. no starting of improvements.

         So basically, path design, tower placement, wave modification

    e) when finished, the general goes to alliance tower to exit this “assistance mode”


    Doing it like this might minimize the amount of work Flare has to do to implement such a “help” feature.




Knight Gallant

Woah Guys ty die the positive respons, and also i like how you continue on the idea of sharing base design. (Knight)

Il hope more people will respons and give their opinion so that flare is unable to ignore this post and implement is asap

Flare have been asked for the option to save multiple base designs many times for over a year now, sadly until now they have ignored it, despite Jona saying it was a good idea. I hope that this time round they listen to you.

Well this is a good idea that I myself has thought of but we know they wont listen so I just take screenshots

great idea ben , i think i have seen it on the forum long time ago but FG doesn’t listen, i wish they implement this feature in near future this will be great helpful for us.

Yeah, if Flare implements another money-making scheme before they add something actually useful, I’ll probably sell my account away for the money it took to upgrade alliance tower.

yep, instant switch, save 3 bases/waves for free, and open the rest of the spots with gems. 

it should be very useful, I want one base when we win war and another when we lose. Also, this helps testing out new base, you can roll back easily if it does not work.