Storm Cannon Attack value bug ?

My storm cannon is level 7. My team has storm cannon on almost all the time. It appears my regular attack value from the upgrade screen is 2364 with a health value of 2150

the storm cannon boost shows it adds +110 percent to both health and attack in addition to a fire rate increase

However - while the health indeed goes up an additional 110% and shows as 4515 

 Plus 110% to attack of 2364 should bring it to 4964 however it is getting cut nearly in half and shows as 1241 instead

Ive only been playing a month or so, not really sure if the boost description is incorrect in the first place

or if its being applied incorrectly, or if its just a display glitch

I play on windows but am linked to android as well and the bug/glitch appears there as well and at all times.

Version 4.5.0


It’s not a bug: cannon elite boost has attack rate 4 times higher, and this explains damage 2 times lower. For some other units like froster war boost and pyromancer war boost, damage becomes much higher, but attack rate decreases significantly, while archer with elite boost is in a situation similar to that of the cannon.

I’ve already written this on another thread, but it’s just like @REVOLTROYAL said.

The cannons attack rate is increased with the elite boost, so it doesn’t get too OP… the damage is decreased to compensate.

Just like shown on the respective Unit page, on the Wikia:Cannon page.

When you’re not understanding something, trying checking the RR2 Wikia website first, there’s lots of useful info there :grinning:  

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