Story of Royal Revolt

some complain about my beautiful story in New Moderators topic. In this case I give you a opportunity to have fun huge fun with me. I start a story and each person continue it that allow people to use imagination and have fun off the game :slight_smile:

Once upon a time… a beautiful city named Royal City where live a King and a Queen in a wonderful kingdom. A morning the King woke up and see a fight in the city

King : What the hell happen? Someone can explain to me?

a fish seller : this guy said my fish was not fresh

peasant : Its true his fish don’t smell good and don’t taste good

a fish seller : My fish its not fresh? really? (and throw his fish on the face of the peasant)

King : Stop!!! I said Stop!!! the next one who gonna fight in the city I gonna make you work in the Castle for wash floor,bathroom and all the Castle, you understand?

peasant : Yes I understand 

King : And you fish seller?

fish seller : Yeah!!! yeah

During this time…

woman : A thief!!! A thief stop the thief!!! he stolen my gold please stop it!!! my precious gold

King : Guard investigate this and stop the thief

Guard : Yes King!!!

During the time the Guard investigate the city to find the thief something happen again…



a mysterious wizard come in the city with his own army some knight and paladin and wait a minute what we see behind its a werewolf something its not right about that

Wizard : Can I have your intention a minute?

People : What do you want?

Wizard : Me? nothing very important just take the City Hahahahaha!!!

King : No way!!! I gonna stop you!!!

Wizard : Try if you can old fool

King send his guard to distract the wizard. during this time the King told his General to find a Hero and fast, to search in tavern,in the city and everywhere to find a Hero to save them

Wizard : I wait!!! Send me your guard

King : Yes just one minute

Wizard : Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Evilinia the evil in person,enough talk my precious werewolf attack!!! guard attack the castle


The guard fight the paladin and knight and succeed after a long battle. The werewolf have make huge damage to the city

Evilinia : OK stop my army we return in my own castle. I come back later King to finish you all!!! this is just a little preview of what I do next



King : forget the thief for now we have better problem right now!! hope my general gonna find someone to help us

During this time…the General enter in a tavern

General : Hello!! if there anybody here who know magic or can fight here?

Barman : Do you want something to drink?

General : I don’t have time for that sorry maybe later

Mysterious Woman : You said you search someone who know magic,spells and know how to fight?

General : Yes and if you know somebody please tell me now!!!

Mysterious Woman : information have a price you know give me something priceless and I give you the info

General : no time for that the city is under attack and I must find someone to defend the city and fast

Mysterious Woman : Like I said give me something priceless and I give you the info

General : What do you want? a watch? Gold? jewel?

Mysterious Woman : No what I want its more important than that I want the jewel of Revolt. this jewel can give power but not any power. A power that can help me to protect my own city myself for future attack but I am not in hurry my people are not in danger for now

General : And? where I can find this Jewel of Revolt?

Mysterious Woman : If I know it I take it myself you think not? I have no idea where the Jewel of Revolt is

Someone interfere the conversation

Mysterious stranger : Sorry!! I heard the conversation and I know where the jewel can be. I heard the jewel is hiding somewhere on a island. wait a minute the name gonna come back…oh yes the Island of Madness. from a legend everyone who go there never come back!!!

General : Fine I have no choice you come with me and we gonna find this jewel. I have no time to lose

Mysterious Woman : By the way my name is Valancia

General : Nice to meet you!!!

Mysterious Stranger : Follow me we must go in the library to find the map

All together go in search of the map… and the adventure started

They arrive in the library of the city

General : Do you have a ideal where can be the map?

Mysterious Stranger : No!!! I know its somewhere here but I don’t know the exact location

General : OK split out and look everywhere

at the same moment…

Evilinia : Stop fool!!! you think you can find the map of this island just like that Hahahaha!!! I gonna stop you all first. Guard attack!!!

Valancia : Stay back!! I take care of them. I forgot to mention I am a witch with power but not enough to defend my city but enough to protect myself if needed

Valancia do a small tornado to project everyone far and put all guard KO

Evilinia : A witch? great if I needed that right now!!!

Evilinia cast a protect spell like a shield and Valancia counter attack with a offense spell Ice firebolt and broke the shield spell of Evilinia 

Evilinia : Fine we meet again!! I come back for you!!! Guard let’s go we return at the castle

and the search continue, everyone search every book,every parchment and nothing

Valancia : Damn!! where could be this map?

Mysterious Stranger : Look something strange about this floor… Valancia damage it and look carefully

General : You right there is something under us we must find how to get there look everywhere for a crank or something else

the group look everywhere and suddenly

Mysterious Stranger : Look do you see this strange symbol everywhere in this library?

General : yes you right what that means?

Valancia : hummm let me think… I think I got it!!! Maybe if we reflect the light something can happen

General : good idea someone have a necklace or something to reflect light?

Valancia : Oh yeah true I have a little mirror on me . Let try out

Valancia direct the mirror and the light on the symbol and at the same moment every symbol react and a strange light open the floor

General : Great!!! We can finally found this map


The place look like a bit of horror with spider web,no light,totally black and with full of rat

Valancia : I hate this place that gonna destroy my beautiful hair and look my nail now!!!

General : Really? we have more important thing to do to worry about your hair or your nail

Valancia : Fine!! more fast we get this map and more fast we get out of there!

Mysterious Stranger : I have bring some stuffs to help us! Here a lantern

General : Good!!!

the group advance in this strange place and suddenly a four corner labyrinth

Valancia : what we gonna do?

General : I don’t know maybe take whatever direction?

Mysterious Stranger : yeah better than stay here ok let go

at this moment the stranger put a foot on a trap and 3 wall begin to advance in there direction

Valancia : Oh no!! what we gonna do?

General : We have no choice we must go in the direction who left

the group advance in the underground and discover some skeleton corpse of people

General : People have fun this place long ago

Valancia : Take Care can be a trap somewhere

and at the same moment Valancia put a foot on a trap and a big Fireball approach them enough fast

Mysterious Stranger : RUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

General : this place must be end somewhere

Valancia : I don’t know but run

Mysterious Stranger fall on the ground and discover an opening

Mysterious Stranger : Guys over here hurry!!!

Valancia : Thanks god we can escape

the group follow the passage and arrive in a place enough mysterious with treasures on the ground,Statues and some strange building

Valancia : Wow look this place its amazing!!!

Mysterious Stranger : Can I take treasures with us?

General : Not a good idea can have a malediction or a curse don’t touch!!

the group explore the place and look around

Valancia : Look there is a temple!

General : Let’s go!!!

the group look the temple and see again skeleton on the ground

General : I feel the map its close must be a trap somewhere take care where you put your foot

the group search and search and nothing until the Mysterious Stranger look the same symbol like in library

Mysterious Stranger : Look the same symbol Valancia use your mirror

Valancia : OK let’s go

Valancia use his mirror and the light make appear a statue with the map

General : Must be a trap if we take the map

Mysterious Stranger : let me think…I got it if I put a the same moment another map of the same dimension maybe can cancel the trap

General : We must hurry the time pass let go

the Mysterious Stranger take a map of the city of Royal City and take care to exchange the map with caution

Mysterious Stranger : Yes we have the map!!!

the group look the map carefully and discover the island of Madness its enough far from Royal City but the mysterious stranger have a idea who can know where really is can be this island

General : we must find a way to get out of there!! right there a passageway

the group take the passageway and see a ladder that go outside from there  



hope your blockage ends soon …you r doing great

the group are back at Royal City and can go find the person who know the island

Mysterious Stranger : We must go see the sailor its a man who sail over the sea to discover new place

10 minutes later…

Mysterious Stranger : Hi!!! sailor my name is Zander and this is Valancia and the General of the King

General : You can call me Leonick

Sailor : nice to meet you!! What I can do for you?

Zander : Here the map of island of Madness can you know where can be?

Sailor : Yes I know where the island is and I don’t go there its too dangerous I heard this island have dragon and some others monster like this

Leonick : Come on maybe some treasure from the King can change your mind? and don’t worries we have with us a witch

Sailor : a witch? Ok in this case I can help you to make this travel and go on this island prepare yourself! its a long travel on the sea companions

Leonick : I must go in the castle to explain the situation to the king

Valancia : Ok we gonna prepare us during this time

20 minute later Leonick reach the castle and meet the King

King : Oh its you!! do you have found a hero?

Leonick : no not really!!! but I found something who can help me to find a hero

Leonick explain the situation at the King

King : Good!!! prepare yourself and hope god save you in this task my General

Leonick : I see you in few days King. I do fast that I can to come back soon

Leonick run and go to the sailor and join his group

Valancia : We are ready?

Leonick : Yes let’s go more fast we leave here more fast I can find my hero

Sailor : On board!!! let’s go

the group and the sailor are now ready to go on the sea to find the mysterious island of Madness

The group navigate on the sea and talk,laugh,eat,drink and sleep. The weather its enough calm and no tempest from now!!! No cloud just a beautiful sun but again the group cannot have a good moment for too long.Evilinia have send a giant eagle to attack them

Valancia : I go see the sea

1 minutes after…

Valancia : Guys!!! hurry we are under attack a giant eagle fly to us

Zander : Can you use magic? to defeat this thing

Valancia : I try my best!!! I can summon let me think archer army. Natus Natum Archeatus Armytus

At this moment a army of archer appear and start to shoot the giant eagle

Leonick : How long your spells lasts?

Valancia : For now I can only do a spell for 10 minutes after I must do it again

Zander : Do you think this giant eagle come back?

Valancia : Maybe I am prepare for him next time

After 10 minutes the archer disappear and the travel continue. Again the group talk,laugh,drink,eat and sleep. After 10 hours on the sea the group must face again a new danger

Leonick : I go look if I can see something…Wait!!! guys we are in trouble look

Valancia : Not again!!! Hold on we gonna face a huge tempest.Watch the rope

Zander : Valancia do you have magic to help us against that?

Valancia : I never try I have some offensive spell but spell who manipulate the weather I don’t think so. I can try.Let me think I can make appear the sun. Balitas Apparam Sunnus ritus.

at this moment the sun appear and chase the tempest but just for a few moments the tempest come back

Valancia : I am sure its Evilinia who create this tempest. She have more power than me

Zander : its ok for now just hold on maybe this spells gonna disappear in any moment

Leonick : Look!!! some tornado that go directly on us!!! what we can do!!!

Valancia : let me think…

Zander : Hurry Valancia its ours life

Valancia : let me concentrate I think…I can make this boat going faster and distance this tornado. Makus Boatus rapidus

The boat navigate now more fast than before and distance the tornado. The group are now out of danger

LOL its ironic I talk about storm and all. for now its me where I live who have thunderstorm lol. I wait that this weather pass and come back later to continue my story. I don’t know how long this rain and all gonna during.

i hope passes soon meanwhile here is a commercial…meow meow meow meow buy your cat meow mix…and now folks back to the epic adventure


The spell of speed now its over and the group navigate now since 4 days on the sea and after some trouble all going fine.The group look the map and see the island of Madness its not very far right now maybe at 1 day of navigation.During this time, they talk,laugh,eat,drink and sleep. the time pass and they are close very close to the Island.

Valancia : we are close to the island now?

Zander : Yes maybe in 2 or 3 hour

Valancia : Cool I need to walk and make exercice

Leonick : Me too! navigate on the sea its cool but when that make like 5 days you want to make a stop somewhere

and the 3 hour pass and they arrive finally on the Island of Madness. This island look gigantic with all the forest. Hard to say what the group will find on this Island

Valancia : Finally! we did it! we are on this Island

Zander : Stay on your guard we don’t know what we can find here

The group look around and see a big forest and fortunately they find out full of berries. The group eat them with satisfaction but what they don’t know this berries have a side effect on the human. You gonna find out later

Valancia : great after eat this I am now good let go

the group continue to look around until they heard a strange sound from somewhere

Zander : Do you heard that? its same to be close of here

Valancia : Maybe we can hide somewhere and wait a little bit

Leonick : good idea we can hide behind this berries plant

Boum!!! Boum!!! the ground shake Boum!! Boum!!! the ground shake more stronger Boum!!! Boum!!!

Valancia : (with a little voice) look its a Ogre. What we gonna do?

Leonick : For now keep hiding until this Ogre get away!

and the Ogre pass the road and departs

Valancia : that was close let go with must find this Jewel

the group look around carefully and reach a place full of ruin

Leonick : Look a ruin? many ruin here? We’ll check

the group check the ruin and nothing special just old ruin made of stone. until…Zander put a foot on a stone who sags and a shaking ground appear

Zander : What going on?

Valancia : I don’t know its not good

Some stone fall on the ground but after few minute a passageway open on the ground

Leonick : Look a passageway! Let go

Valancia use the lantern and the group look the passageway. Made of Stone,dark,full of spider web… the group advance.After few minutes the group can see on the ground some skeleton corpse

Leonick : This time Zander watch where you put your foot on the ground must be a trap somewhere

Zander : Yes sir!!! this time I am more careful

just at the moment Zander say that.He activate another trap on the ground

Zander : Not again!!! RUNNNN!!!

the trap activate this time a whirling blade who pursuit the group



Zander : not easy to detect all this trap but for now RUNNNN!!!

after few minutes and close to be exhaust to run they found a place to hide and the whirling blade pass

Leonick : Drink water and after take a break of 5 minutes we must continue to search the jewel

After they continue the passageway and arrive in a place with more ruin. a gigantic place like a old entire city underground

Zander : Look like a old city underground

Valancia : Maybe the people who construct this place did it for protect themselves from something maybe the Ogre

Leonick : You right its a hiding place for safety but right now let check this ruin

the group look around and check carefully each place,each house,each objet they can found and nothing no hints about where the jewel can be

Zander : I am sure must be here somewhere or must be a hint about where he can be

Valancia : Yeah we must check everywhere carefully

The group arrive in a strange ruin with full of symbol

Zander : Do you see this strange symbol I am sure must be the key of a hint

Leonick : Yes we must understand this symbol we are close to find this hint

After 10 minutes no one have a idea what the symbol can be

Valancia : Stay here! I go check further if I can find something

Valancia leave the group and check each statue and one of them have something strange. A lot of symbol like on the wall

Valancia : (With Loud Voice) HEY!!! GUYS OVER HERE!!!

Zander : hey look the same symbol like on the wall what that means?

Leonick : Maybe I say maybe its a puzzle we can resolve

The group think,think,think and after few minutes…

Valancia : Maybe its a code, we must enter a code with symbol

Zander : You right must be that! but how we can know what code we must do?

Leonick : Must be a hint about this code somewhere.Damn it again a another puzzle

Zander : let check the other ruin if we can find something which can reveal the code

the group check the others ruin without success

Zander : Damn its frustrating we are so close i am sure we are close

Leonick : Don’t worries we gonna find this code somewhere


After search in each corner and each ruin the group don’t find anything until they discover a ruin with a stairs but with no entry,nothing just a wall of stone.the group check the wall carefully and one of them push a strange stone and a door open

Valancia : a passageway again? Well let go find out where that leads

Leonick : Good idea let check it out

After walk in the passageway the group find out that leads in another part of the island. In a village of a civilization

Zander : Look people live here on this island?

Valancia : We must keep hiding until we find out if there are pacific or dangerous

Leonick : Good idea!! for now just observe them

But at this moment someone see them and alert the others


this strange civilization take their weapons and capture the group 

Chief : What are you doing here on this island? and how you find this island?

Leonick : Let me talk! Its a long story. well we are from another place, a city of the name of Royal City

Chief : This name remember me something, continue talk

Leonick : I am the general of the King and we are under attack from a evil witch of the name of Evilinia. We have found this map somewhere in ours library in a secret passageway

Chief : this name remember me something, oh yeah this evil witch long time ago ours civilization was under attack from her in the past and nothing was possible to do to stop her until and I guess its for that you are here for the Jewel of Revolt right?

Leonick : Right!!! its the only thing able to stop her and I need it to find a Hero too

Chief : I see!!! let me talk about this jewel. Long time ago we have a sorcerer of the name of Kator and to stop her he create this jewel with a great power. His power its gigantic you can bring storm,tempest,destroy a entire island or bring sun,resurrect someone who dead,etc… there is no limit of his power but after we have vanquish this witch we have hiding this jewel nobody can find it

Chief : I see you have a witch with you?

Valancia : Yeah i am a witch but my power its limited I am not powerful like her

Chief : and that why you are here to take this jewel and vanquish her right?

Leonick : You right!!! the city of Valancia can be in danger at any moment and my city was under attack when I am leave my city

Chief : I see!!! in this case I go with you in your city but for now enjoy this place. Guard!! detach these people

the group was release and can enjoy dance,talk and eat,drink,laugh at the night and sleep very late





After a good sleep the group wake up and eat,drink,talk and have fun with this people

Leonick : You have hiding the jewel in a ruin with a code right?

Chief : Yes and I am the only one who know the code that why you need me to open the door and take the jewel

at this moment without someone suspect. One of this people listen the conversation and leave

Chief : Prepare your backpack!!! let go to this ruin

After 20 minutes of walk the group and the chief arrive in the ruin with all this strange symbol

Chief : Let go I snaps the code

the chief enter a sequence in order of the symbols and a door open but at this moment…

a person from this civilization : Hold on!!! put your hands up!! and move out of the way. This jewel its mine!

Chief : What you! why you do that Hylioki?

Hylioki : Because I have waiting someone come on this islands and demand you to open this door for this jewel and now its my chance to take it

Chief : Fool you have no idea of what power this jewel can have

Hylioki : Don’t worries I know exactly what kind of power this jewel was created for and its mine.Sorry I would like to talk longer but I take this thanks you

and Hylioki take the jewel and leave

Leonick : I’m sorry I don’t want that I do not want that to happen

Chief : its not your fault one day or another day someone would have taken

Leonick : Let go we can stop him before he cause trouble

Chief : Right!! I follow you

The group and the chief follow Hylioki to try to stop him to retake his jewel

Chief : I know where he go. He want this jewel to go on the other island. The Island of Happiness where a civilization leave in peace. He want to destroy them and take the island for himself and maybe be the new chef of this civilization

Valancia : We must stop him fast!!

Zander : Ok we have no time to lose now! Leonick your city can be under attack from Evilinia. We must hurry to take this jewel and return in Royal City.Remember its 5 day of navigation on the sea

Leonick : I know!!! but we can leave them like this. Let go take this jewel back and after we must go fast in Royal City

Valancia : Sound like a good plan let go

Chief : I must return in my village and explain the situation wait me here I come back fast that i can

Leonick : Hurry! we must stop him

The chief explain the situation of his people and dedicate a new chief during the time he was not there. The Chief return join the group and go in the boat

Sailor : Welcome Back! We return in Royal City?

Leonick : We have a new plan now we must go in the Island of Happiness

Sailor : You know where this island can be?

Chief : Don’t worries I know where the island is

The group,the sailor man and  the chief go on the sea for the island of Happiness 



Chief : If I remember correctly the island its not very far from this one. maybe at 1 days

Leonick : hey Valancia can you use your spell of speed?

Valancia : Yes no problem!!! Makus Boatus rapidus

and the boat run at the full speed for 10 minutes but its not enough to catch Hylioki

Valancia : Hylioki have take a huge advance. Ok let’s go Makus Boatus rapidus

for another 10 minutes of full speed

Valancia : Oh no!! each time I use my magic i feel a little tired and i don’t think I can use it again

Leonick : its ok for now!!! go and sleep we need you at full potential when we arrive on this island

Finally after many hours the group and the chief arrive on this island.

Leonick : Zander wake up Valancia

The group and the chief go on this island very similar of the other

Chief : Take care!! Hylioki can be everywhere

Zander : Look its the boat of Hylioki

Chief : He is here!

The group hear at this moment a big BOUM!!! and full of cry of fear

Leonick : Hurry we must run this way!!!

the group and the chief run fast to the village

Hylioki : Not you again!! How you know I come here?

Chief : you are like my child I know you

Hylioki : I don’t care no one can stop me now!

Hylioki cast a thunderstorm and everyone who try to be close of him are automatically kill by a thunder

Leonick : Valancia try to reach him by behind and try to cast a magic to stop him. be careful he does not see you

Valancia : Ok

Valancia run with caution by behind him and cast some rope and tie him

Hylioki : Hahaha this cannot stop me at all. Use the jewel and destroy the rope

Leonick : OK I have another Idea someone have something to throw?

Chief : yes i have a little dagger on me

Leonick : Give me that I can throw it on the jewel and Valancia can try to take it

Leonick know he have only one chance and wait the good opportunity. Few minutes later Hylioki laugh so much the jewel are undercover from his hands and Leonick throw his dagger and the jewel rebounded very far


Valancia take it and stop the thunderstorm

Chief : Hylioki hope one day you gonna find a place you like. From now you are no longer welcome on this both island. You must leave

Hylioki take his boat and leave and we don’t know to go where

Leonick talk to the chief of this island and give his own apologies of what happen

Leonick : Let go we must leave and return to Royal City fast if possible

The group and the chief return to the boat and navigate on the sea to return in Royal City

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I have a story to tell. A good one, with a lot of life wisdom.

Once upon a time there was a very cold and rainy day. Freezing winds. I woke up in the morning, put on warm clothes and went outside. But it was very cold, so I stepped back home…

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The group have just enough foods to survive and doing the last travel to Royal City for 6 days.During this time at the castle of Evilinia

Evilinia : Good they are back in 6 days, I can attack right now but I want to wait to have more fun Hahahaha!!!

His General : You should attack now! Remember they have the Jewel of Revolt and can be in the city in 1 days if they want

Evilinia : You right!!! PREPARE FOR THE WAR!!! we depart soon

During this time in the boat

Valancia : 6 days its too long Evilinia can attack at any times

Leonick : You right!!! Can you use your magic to go faster?

Valancia : Better than my spell of speed with this jewel I can make the wind strong

Zander : Ok do it we must return fast

Valancia use the jewel to amplify his power and create a strong wind and use his magic to add speed to the boat the two together can make this travel during only 1 days and reach Royal City really fast

During this time in castle of Evilinia

Evilinia : Preparation its over let go we have a war to do.

Evilinia mount his dragon and ready to go in Royal City with his army

1 days pass and the group reach Royal City and go see the King

King : Good you are back Leonick my wonderful general

Leonick : yeah and I have what we needed. A witch,a jewel and the chief of the island of Madness

King : Nice to meet you all! Welcome to my castle

Chief : Glad to meet you King

Valancia : its a honor to meet you King

Just when the presentation begin the population start scream of fear and cry and we can heard : THE WITCH ITS BACK!!!

King : let go!! we must defend this castle and the city at all cost

Leonick : right my King we gonna do all to stop her!! Let go friends we must stop her

Valancia : I’m ready let go!!!

and the group outside the castle and see the witch on his dragon