Once upon a time there were two king was in love with other king’s sister.but the other king refused to accept him.then first king decided to select him in his favourite list:),until he agrees to accept him.he start raiding him continuously and looted all his gold but then also he refused to accept him.

Instead he hired a magician who suggested him to dig under the ground where he can find fat ogre,skinny gargoyle and ugly mummy. :slight_smile:

King agreed and start digging under the ground and unlocked mummy,gargoyle and ogre.but he soon found that they all have bad habits.ogre wants to go in wrestling,gargoyle wants to suicide and mummy wants to learn a dance step name THE WAVE… :wink:

King arranged all facilities for them and in return they agreed to save his kingdom.

On the other hand first king hired wolf man and decided to attack one Last time with full power in the full moon.he attacked and but he soon realized that this time it is not going to be easy.

He found that other king is using special units which are healing other units.battle leads to extreme destruction.many people died from both the sides.but he managed to enter into the castle.

By seeing his bravery other king atlast accepted him.but king’s magician betrayed him and killed him.and he also turned first king into a beast and second king’s sister into a granny.

From that day to this day beast and toothless granny are selling items to magician but they are still together and making plan to take over their kingdom back.

True love do exist:D

Conclusion-it is 2:00am and I am still waiting to sleep…lololololol

I would much prefer if my ogres wrestled instead of mindlessly swingin dem clubs !


just picture the green behemoth tryin to wrap his arms around your castle gate :stuck_out_tongue:




Hi ev one


Lmao, I would love to see the ogre just charge ahead and trample everything xD