Story Time Episode 3: The Magic Touch

Once upon a time, a kingly king named King AwesomestKnightest, had a pair of bad headphones. Only one of them worked just fine. When one day he found that he had a magical touch! He touched the cord of his headphones and suddenly there came a sound! A sound from side of the right! Thus the king lived happily ever after, having found the hearing in his right ear

And he ventured into the world, healing the sick headphones with his blessed finger.

Can I send you my broken headphones? @AwesomestKnightest

unfortunately I could not heal these in the picture, but other headphones that were not torn up


Don’t underestimate your powers AK. You will get it eventually. Just try harder.

I’ll have to exercise. One finger pull ups! :lol: 

I think the earphones on the picture are in a state that makes them likely to appear in one of the future zombie events.

But give up not! In healing powers trust you will!