Strange amounts of trophies displayed on base previews

Hi there!


Lately I have seen some strange things going on. Several times in the last days I have seen extremely high trophy counts being displayed for some players that appear in my matchmaking.

E.g. just a few minutes ago a player was displayed with 47 trophies. Checking again like 1-2 minutes later he then displayed 13 trophies, which seems normal/appropriate.


That seems quite strange, doesn’t it? :blink:


Would really appreciate if someone knows more about this phenomenon!

I don’t know anything more but it has happened to me as well…sometimes I got over 30 trophies with easy base and sometimes 10 trophies with tough base…

Agree I had same effects but no real “show-case” yet. Will look closer on this.

Player was attacked?

That happens when either of the two parties are not at their expected rank. For example I was a 3700 trophy player but I had dropped down to 3300 due to inactivity. So when I finally resumed I was getting 30+ trophy and sometimes as high as 40. After i reached my rank it became normal.

I had a similar thing today, every opponent I got in matchmaking 0 gold 0 medals 0. Each time I paid to get a new opponent the same thing happened. So I went into one of these lucrative raids and got 70k gold and I didn’t check the rest but it seems like it’s just an error.


Everyone seems to be getting bunched up in the leaderboards now so 1 minute you can get someone with avg 3-4 level towers then the next 7-9.

I think that is a different problem though… After testing your alliance member’s base (displaying 0 0 0 there, of course), also other players are displayed with 0 0 0 from match making.

However, showing the attack preview of any player by other means (e.g. search, leaderboard or favorites list) and not by matchmaking always fixed this glitch for me, and the correct loot is displayed again. So, whenever I face the “triple zero preview” problem, I just click the “i” (player details" and from there click the base preview again, that fixes the display.