strange walk issue

i keep walking forward but then he keeps walking back to the tent, while I click somewhere else.
then he glitches and I can inly spawn troops and use spells but… thats a little bit useless…   I’ve tried to download again and all that sort of stuff but it keeps happening. I’m losing every fight now. my name is ridder rotkop and alliance is wild south germany. PLEASE!! fix it!!

Do you play on PC, phone, or tablet?


on laptop

that’s what I thought. So you attack with the mouse. This will happen sometimes. I play on PC also. When I was your level I had trouble controlling with the mouse. You’ll get used to it and it’ll become much easier to control, you’ll see. If this continues, it may not be the game, could also be the fault of your mouse. Perhaps it is a little slick and is sliding around which would make your hero move where you don’t want. It’s happened to me before

yep, me too. Windows 10

yeah but i have touchscreen and i used touchscreen but that did not work  but also the mouse didnt work

i also  have windows 10

hmm, have you sent a support ticket into flaregames? They may be able to help

In the upper right you’ll see a link that says “Submit a Request”

ok i  did now

@AwesomestKnightest THANKS