stress of top alliances

I just had a thought of me being in the top in the leader board and join a high alliance, but it leaves a ton of stress on players since they have to fight in wars, get there own gold to improve, and donate about 500k in the top… You might not know it but i have a lot of empathy and I believe they should do something about this

Top of leaderboard should be stressful, the price to pay to be seen by people.

Silver you move from alliance to alliance,so don’t worry you will become the part of a high level alliance one day:P:P:P

You don’t even stand a chance of being in a high Alliance Atlas, so don’t worry, this is not your problem. It’s their own choice if they want to join a top Alliance and need to battle stressfull wars, they can also say… Hey, I don’t like this, let’s settle down at another Alliance where this pressure is off.


A lot of high players at this moment exactly do that. Start a new alliance together with other high skilled players (4000+) to get away from needing to battle stressfull wars to get boosts they already have.


Those players aren’t forced any longer to spend a lot of real cash needed for buying food and scrolls.


In the end, it’s the choice of players whatever they like most.

Well, you want to be top player without doing anything for that? :slight_smile:

I think you guys are misunderstanding, by all means am I going to get better, and I’m talking about high level players(like revenant), btw I already know I’m weak but I play for the fun and nothing else

I don’t think it’s the alliances, persay, but rather, maxing out in general. Prices get STEEP at the end of the game, and that’s where the stress really is. Raiding? Raiding is easy. Especially in wars, you just communicate who the 3 best targets are and all piranha after them. Leaderboards? Once your base is maxed and well-organized, the trophies take care of themselves. The problem is just getting there xD


I must confess… that got me laughing




Knight Gallant

A base is never maxed btw, or only if you instant every upgrade…which is really expensive. I’ve been playing this game for more than a year, and I’m still upgrading my waves and some towers x)

Exactly! =D

The stress is price to max the alliance and then see your alliance crumble in war cuz some members dont give cooperation

Adding to this… if you can’t take the stress of being on top you don’t deserve to be on top. Being on top is not for everyone, that’s like saying man I want to be on the top of the leader boards but it’s too hard make it easier flare games so I can be number 1 in the world!