Strike Back Alliance - Level 15 - English - Hero lvl req:35

Strike Back Alliance

Level 15

Top 2025

Is retaliation always an option for you? Revenge is always sweet right? Then come join with us. The STRIKE BACK ALLIANCE. We are searching for active members, active donors and active STRIKE BACKERS.The alliance is at top 2410 as of now. We got 12% gold bonus and 5% tax bonus. Currently, the alliance has 8 members and 13 available slots and another slot will be available soon. Are you one of us? Come and join us!REQUIREMENTS:

  • Active Donor
  • Above 2000 Trophies
  • Hero level: 40 at least

We promote active players who donate huge amount of gold for the alliance. We don’t tolerate bad words. We use English as primary language.


Bump! Waiting for you to join us! Plenty of room for you mates!


Bump! Third place for us. Join us and benefit the boost of gargoyle tower.

Bump! Third place is ours for sure. Come join us and enjoy the gargoyle tower boost!

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Bump! 16/20! Come and join us with the war! Currently at 2nd spot.

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Good day. Im rather new playing this game but I am very active. I’m only lvl 16 now but I’m rising fast and I’m building non stop to improve my alliance tower. Pls consider me for your alliance.

No problem. Just be active. Active players are rare nowadays and you sir worth more than a legendary item. You may apply and i will accept your application. May i ask for your IG sir?

You seem to have joined an alliance already.



Bump! Join us now! Many available slots for you!