Strike Force Of Aina-Level 31-English-Hero lvl prefer. 60

We are recruiting ACTIVE members to help strengthen our alliance. We participate in all wars, events, and festivals. Having fun is just as important as winning!!

Looking for more members who can participate in Pro-League, and Conquest.

All members must fight wars, donate minimum daily donation of 50k, and support team by donating troops. NO jumpers, please.

We prefer at least level 70 hero, but we will accept those who want to grow by being active with our alliance.

Permanent elite boosts Blazing Knights and Power Archers for our members.

Elite boosts for cannons are activated for entire war. Sometimes we activate other elite boosts, too. We often extended War boosts and Conquest boosts.

Champs are available to any member, and we shield members according to stats of both alliances in each round of war.

General position is open to loyal and responsible members who can help Leader run alliance. Sergeants assigned for Conquest.

We currently have available Beasts: Savage Tammy lvl 2, Twisted Archimedes lvl 3, Celestial Phoebe lvl 1, Primal Howl lvl 3, Primal Growl lvl 2, Vicious Bucky lvl 2, Untamed Kaiser lvl 2.

Must communicate to alliance in chat as much as possible, or accept friend invite from Leader.

Be respectful and No foul language, please.

My partner and I are older players who want to build our alliance with many active members, so we can increase Alliance level and offer more permanent Elite boosts. Our alliance currently ranks at 848 on leaderboard.

We enjoy this game and are looking for similar players. We welcome all players of all countries, but speak some English.

Also, open to merging with another alliance, as we have some strong members and bases.

Apply to join!

Thank you,

Josslynfire - Strike Force of Aina


Bump. Looking for new active members!

Bump. Join our alliance!!



Bump! Come join, all ages, and have fun with our group of Kings!




bump…Join us to explore, conquer and defend undiscovered territory in The Conquest!

Kaiser beast unlocked. Come join us!!


We are working on unlocking Celestial Phoebe, and looking for Active members to join us!! Apply to join.


Come join us. We considered our loyal members as family, and we take care of our members!

We unlocked the Celestial Phoebe beast, and we are looking for more active players. Come Join Us!

A few Beasts have upgraded a level, and we have a great group of heroes in our ally! Apply to join! 

A few Beasts have upgraded a level, and we have a great group of heroes in our ally! Apply to join!