Strong clan with 100% participation is seeking for members.

Tired of being in an inactive alliance? Do you hate when some players do not participate in wars and because of them you can not progress?  Alliance Lord of the lords is seeking for new, active players. We have 100% online participation in the wars and events. We have a good gold bonus, the boosts, the beasts. Welcome to contact us! Look for us through the game. We guarantee you growth, fun, mutual help, absolute activity! Join Lord of the Lords!

Hey, just some advice for you: You should put what level your alliance is and what (if any) requirements there are to get in. For instance: Minimum donations are 100k, must participate in all wars and ninja events, donate daily!

Also, you should put what beasts you have unlocked, along with your boosts, just to let the player, that is looking for an alliance, know what you have so that he can’t be disappointed because he was expecting something different. Good luck on your quest of finding members!