Strong, friendly Player Looking for High Level Alliance

Hi Friends!

Kellye from OVRSLO here. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a strong, friendly alliance to join. 

Top 300-500 preferably. 

Level 86, Donate 500K & Play Daily 

I’ve been playing for 2 months and have not participated in a War yet. But I’m ready and want to support an awesome alliance!  :slight_smile:

Please, send invite through game. 

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Hello Kellye,


We would love to have you at AG. Will send you an invite :slight_smile:

Hey thanks! I’ll check when I get home! @Maestro

Holy Cow! How’d you move from 20k to 500k that quickly? Very nice!

I spent all the rubies I got from winning Diamond league. Also got more from playing dungeons. And Remember the screen shot I sent you from getting 3,500 gems for the pearls. Well I spent them all up grading. Hahaha :slight_smile:   @AwesomestKnightest

Congrats on diamond league win! Quite the achievement there ??

Hey thanks! Definitely not doing it again anytime soon. Spent 3 days straight playing. 

And when I wasn’t playing I was constantly checking the scores. Lol. I had no life for those few days. :slight_smile:   :wink:  @Beavis

Keep it up for 3 - 4 years like the veterans of the game. you start to question life itself. haha

Thanks for all the love everyone! 

Please, stop sending me in - game alliance requests as I’ve found my home with Alpha Guard and do not plan on leaving. 


Good for you, Alpha Guard is awesome!

You’re biased in saying that because you’re also a member now. 



But people might also be finding me through the game itself - not having seen this. I just keep getting a lot of invites which seems weird being a noob.? 

Lol, yep. Although, I was there 2 weeks ago also. I knew the team and knew they were awesome(st)

Great to have you there though. You’ve been playing for a shorter amount of time than me and you have more donations lol. Great job! I have to admit, I was rather careless with my gems. Spent nearly 2k gems just to get the Kaiser pal before @FTB LOL

Hey thanks! You’ve been a big influence/ support system along the way and I really appreciate the help!

I will continue to bug and ask you way too many questions. ???  


Looking forward to it :slight_smile: