Stronger set-ups for Pro League

Pro Leagues with weak set-ups are very boring It might be interesting to have a weak set-up once in a while (very very rarely), but this happens to often on Pro League

Instead of adjusting the difficulty by giving us weak set-ups, why don’t you give us stronger set-ups and harder bases? That’s a lot more interesting

Anyone in the game can raid without boosts whenever they want Everyone already raided, or is still raiding, with non maxed, low forged spells/units/items And everyone has tried low level pals

But not everyone can try the power of max level boosts, or just boosts in general. Not everyone has super forged spells/units/items. And not everyone has tried the power of a max level pal, some probably will never have certain pals at max level

Try making more Pro Leagues where the difficulty was set by adding more power to the levels instead of removing power from the hero

Fully support this.

Hi Darkerion,

We fully support this idea and think it makes complete sense. But due to resources and time constraints, it cannot be done.

This set-up how you would imagine needs tiers. Because let’s say there is a level 60 guy, just uncovering throne room level 10 and he cannot be given a full set-up for a level 130 guy, because he will just be overwhelmed by units he has not used before. So this would need like 3-5 tiers, with different defense and offense set-ups each, which would currently be too much of an undertaking that we just do not have the resources for frankly.


No, no. No need for tiers with different defenses and offenses, that would ruin the best thing about Pro League: everyone playing with exact same things against exact same difficulty

You already give units that a level 60 guy, just uncovering throne room level 10, has never used before (Necros and Vikings with Witch Doctor and Demolisher boosts, for example), BUT you’re doing it in a very bad that makes those units seem very very weak and useless, and totally ruins the excitement to unlock/upgrade/forge them!
If that guy really is a level 60 player, and not a more experienced cheater player’s extra account, he will just be destroyed, frustated by how expensive, hard and boring that was, and will have no reason to pay to participate again

With my suggestion in action, that player can now experience the full strength of the game every week, learning how strong and fun each thing can be later, which also helps him choose which things he would like to unlock/upgrade/forge first

Making everyone as strong as the strongest players in the game is very interesting, exciting and fun for everyone
Making everyone as weak as low level players can be interesting sometimes, but for the most part is just very very boring

Plus, there are video tutorials for every thing in the game, and Pro League gameplays being shared every week. So that player will join the League knowing absolutely nothing ONLY if he wants too
And that gave me another idea that I think could solve that and a few other issues: just add a test level to Pro League
 An extra random copy of one of the 12 levels that we can play freely and how many times we want, just to practice that combo and learn the best way to use it without spending the Pro League’s play time. Current alternatives to that are only to have multiple accounts to train first or wait for other players’ gameplays

And not necessarily a level 60 guy, I’m 123 in a 60 level alliance and I’ve never used half of the boosts out of the PL (Mad monk, Witch Doctor, Demolisher…) ?

Edit: And the same go for pals… How many of you have used Nemesis out of the PL?