Strongest tower?

The strongest tower ?

Skull tower for range, snake tower for nearby attack

Gate tower for HP

I usually use firebolt for constant damage


I’ve unlocked all the species of towers!! :grinning:   :wink:   :slight_smile:  They all are AWESOME!!!

Firebolt 100%

Skull towers, definitely. 

Skull tower, and here is the proof :



I think you are new to this game but then also as you make progress in game you will find yourself which is the strongest tower.i mean I myself(level73 and cups-2650) hates snakes tower and arrow tower…yes arrow tower…i had beaten so many bases tough according to my trophy level,but there are rare occasions when I died due to firebolt and skull towers.i mean you can sustain 3 firebolts at a time but then also you will get time to take them down by your firestorm but snake towers can kill you in seconds and suppose your health is marginally low at some point and firebolt or skull are attacking on you then also there is 80% chance that you will live but arrow tower is attacking instead of firebolts or skull,your hero will surely gonna die.there are number of bases using deadly combinations of snakes and upgraded arrow towers which are working good for them.i know there is a video showing strength of various towers but in my opinion those towers which kill me maximum numbers of time during my raids are strongest towers…

One thing to consider: Of course, a max lvl (or near max lvl) arrow tower is more deadly than a lvl 1 firebolt or skull tower. But, when you encounter a max lvl firebolt or skull tower, those may be a lot more dangerous than arrow towers :grinning:


Another thing: In higher level gameplay, it is less about killing the king but about delaying his progress so much that he runs out of time. Thus, the “quality” of a tower mainly depends on the amount of damage it can inflict to your raiding troops. And there, a high level skull tower is the most dangerous and deadly tower at all. Imagine you have a group of 20 arblaster right next to you, and 2 seconds later all of them are dead. Then you know there was a skull tower somewhere…  :grinning:

AOE mid range tower = skull tower

Max range tower = boosted bomb tower

Short range max damage tower = Snake tower

It is hard to choose the best towers, it really depend the situation and base layout.

For example:

snake tower damage the king most, but most attackers can avoid it’s damage, just leave it to Troops.

Skull tower will kills your troops just in few secs, but if you met Messi or Ronaldo, they will kick every bombs from skull towers.

But skulls tower is a must for top base (mix with other towers) because it is the best tower to kill elite boost troops. Single target tower just doesn’t have the dps requires to clear the elite troops summoned by attacker.

i don’t know about strongest tower, but i do know nobody use Gargoyle tower up here  

Haha yeah, gargoyle tower is pretty useless currently. 



And lmao! Deserves an extra like! :wink:


Oh my god! you make me laugh so much !  :wink:

Ahh! Now I know what the mummy boost will be! Mummy finally gets fast and kicks back bombs like Messi!


The easiest way ever to kick all the damage from a Skull tower? Just STOP and look what it happens… you must be alone to make it work, also with 2-3 skull tower at once.

Sure, but the decisive point is “you must be alone to make it work”… and when you are alone, you don’t even need to kick back the bombs, you should rather do something to damage the defenses than standing still! :grinning:

Anyway, soloing a high level base is quite impossible, so you need your troops, which is when the back-kicking becomes difficult :grinning: