HI developers and players,this is a very exaggerated idea but  let me try…

Why not create alliance wars but in another world,3d,let me explain…

AS you can see,players are coming from the opposite side but imagine players from another alliance coming and the hero(leader) fighting with his alliance members to defend their stronghold…the bases have been set with towers and obstacle…

This is what i meant by stronghold fight…alliance stronghold fights

5 days to conquer or less and for that a limit will be set(example:energy)

new boosts as rewards

chests as rewards



Furthermore every alliance can customize their bases to defend their stronghold and fights would last 5  days…the players would be moving together to conquer fighting the enemy alliance through towers and obstacles… WAVES FOR THE BASE COULD BE THE MEMBERS



every player will see his own hero but if a player wants to see his team then on a screen,they would appear as dots


Thanks…I hope you guys understood


I really like this multiplayer attacking at once concept, that happens in real time. But i don’t think flare will be able to implement it, looks kind of difficult well i don’t know…And i think many would not like it because of “time consume”, you will need to be connected at the same time for the raid… or have i missunderstood?