Stronghold : only for subscription allies ?

If i read correct things only  alliance gold needed.  With elite, war, pro boosts and this new things it is almost impossible to do it with normal daily donations.

Is this a way to force people to buy subscriptions ?  How many allies will survive this ?

I can’t believe they’d force that on people when those of us on PCs don’t have the subscription option available to us anyway.


Sounds like new Alliance level in disguise. They want us to spend alliance gold, just like you have to spend on alliance upgrades. This will be another money milking update

And gala told even for top allies it will take months to get everything max level.  I hope they have big wallet.


Why do you worries even before you get whole info?

i think all wars will be stopped) so no boosts and etc.

but we will see

The conquest part of 4.0 is supposed to be war style, so possible Flare will end regular war seasons. Right now the only open time for conquest is the 4 days between ninja and war, meaning in a 2 week period there might only be 2 days without having to battle. This is potentially too much gameplay and could spell the end of casual players that make up the majority of mid level alliances.

Boosts will still be desired when raiding for items, gold, exp. I don’t think many high level players will like becoming mortal without their boosts.


PS…If regular war seasons are kept, I would only ask Flare to reduce them to a four alliance tournament style, this gives alliances equal chance at placing instead of being trapped by one stronger alliance and losing.

I believe this means that there are no gem buys for fast forwarding upgrades.

Yeah, I like that concept too. It makes everything fair and skill-based!

They should copy paste war style from OR.

Damn it.

I thought we could use one of the new currencies for that.


I guess I was wrong.

I hope they change the current costs for boosts or change the way we get them (via new currency? e.g.: wisdom).

Or else, many alliances won’t survive.

Let’s wait for some clarification in the upcoming weeks.

Lol, looks like flare needs some of your wisdom to make a clever update 

I agree it will be extremely difficult to manage. Players need boosts to be competative. To take away a boost to fund the stronghold could mean players leave, causing more boosts to be cut and so on. I am excited for something new as long as it doesn’t kill my alliance in the process.

As long as they don’t bring the bugs that OR had with that revamped war system.

I don’t worry => i know what budget i intend to spent in this game.  If it asks too much money i’ll stop playing this game.  I think, even in your ally everything has his limit.  For some is the limit higher than for another.  But everyone has that to choose for themselfes.

All max level (big spender) alliances are sitting on a pile of teamgold, while all normal alliances are still trying to reach level 80. So this ‘build with team gold’-thing will probably mean that the big spender alliances will be miles ahead on this too, straight from the start ? and no way to reduce the gap later on, cause the advantage will only be getting bigger.


ah well, nothing new… it’s always been like that I guess

Alliances at level 80 will have big advantage. Other alliances have to save gold only to reach the next level. At the end of the last war season, about 20 long members left my alliance (it’s at level 77) and the majority of them joined 2-3 alliances at level 80.

Nobody have advantage ,

Only ??? money have advantage

Whoever’s got money they will always on top.

By the way, which alli,  master meme?

HOLY CRAP was I ever wrong. Flare, what happened to 'It will take months for alliances to fully upgrade"?

Install bluestacks and enjoy subs