Stronghold Upgrade Notifications

So, when I came back in the game today I noticed that when you have an upgrade finished in your stronghold you don’t get a little purple number by the Stronghold button on the home screen. My suggestion is just that! We need that button so that we don’t forget to collect the upgrade!!! Have it look EXACTLY like the number you receive when you have an alliance notification, friend chat, or just a normal upgrade done! It’s very important to collect the upgrades when they’re finished, so please add this into the game

I really feel the need to bump this topic. This is a feature that should’ve been implemented from the beginning. If you can’t collect your stronghold upgrades, the buildings don’t produce resources for the alliance! Today I upgraded my stronghold buildings to level 5, which took 6 and a half hours. But, I didn’t get any notification when I entered the game so I forgot. Please implement this into the game as it would be very helpful to everyone

I fully agree. Out of conquest-times I rarely go to the stronghold …

Hi AK,

Some news about notifications in general: With the next version we will introduce push notification for Strongehold Buildings, when an upgrade was finished.

We also like your idea and will put it on our roadmap for the future. :slight_smile:


When is this “next version” that we’ve been hearing about? ?

probably after the ninjas and before the next conquest I guess, as they did last time

Or without notifications, is it possible, more simply, to “highlight” the stronghold button (like when you have new tickets/new friends request) ?

We will see that there is an action to do on this part of the game (upgrade building OK / ressources full)

You know the answer :grinning:

Hi buttinette,

I would suggest creating a new thread for this please :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Oh really Madlen ?

My idea go on the same the sens of @AwesomestKnightest. I purprose just an other solution for the same result

Sure to create a new thread ?