Strongly dislike the latest update

So now that Helen is nerfed there is not a single hero that can win with auto play not even on the “easy” islands.

So I guess you want all the players to use more scrolls to win raids, use more gems to buy better gear.

And last but not least what on earth did you do with decorations prices? ! 10k gems for level 2 cereberus ?? 

All about the money huh? Sad to see this movement 

Upgrade ur units. And heros… I have no issues doing auto with any hero. 

why need that deco at all, i live good and without decorations!

what?? you guys beat all with autoplay that isnt right!! that sounds very easy just lay back and defeat your enemy without doing anything, they can nerf more things if it so easy :stuck_out_tongue:

yes decoration you could build/upgrade with gold and wisdom before update, now its all cost gems and some prizes are ridiculous!! they know how to keep their players motivated to keep playing, NOT!!! they just ruin the game everytime over and over!!!

Yes crazycmm. Game has no balance, never know what’s going on, no in game information. The only way to know what’s going on is to check the forums, it might help. Haven’t lost an attack or won a defence in who knows how long now. Nerfing Helen, which was defiantly noticeable, forces me to leave even weaker tough opponents on islands. New enemy’s populate to slowly. Never get opponents worth more than 3 cups when I was decently high in rankings and never got to attack the opponents higher on leaderboard, sick of attacking people that a way lower on the leader board or getting opponents that are to high level and I won’t attack for various reasons. Can lose 40 cups from one attack, wtf! Things get changed that don’t seem broken. 

Im sitting here ready to quit this game. 

Upgrade ur heros. I can use any one of my heros except helen. And take 99% of the islands on auto. Maybe a spell click or a quick move out of mino way. But on auto pretty much all the time. Iam lvl 63 ish and do this to lvl 70s and 50s.