I got some questions regarding Structures, GK and Demolition.

Since the game got changed many times, nerfed items/heroes etc…why don’t you make GK vulnerable to Demolition? After all isn’t the GK a Structure? Structures are vulnerable to Frostbite aswell…GK no, could it be possible to mount up to 3 resistances to the GK? Like Physical Resistance, Fire and Thunder… doing so we can build the proper layout and the proper Gk. Doing so, we won’t face immortal GK, unless by breaking the Gate and skipping the GK you could give us 100%.

I do agree that the GK can be nearly impossible at times. I personally haven’t had the luck of finding an item with demolition on it, but my brother has and I know it’s really good, so I definitely agree with you that it would be an awesome change to make the GK vulnerable to Demolition. Especially Perseus lol, that guy is a beast as a GK!

If I recall it properly, Demolition got nerfed aswell. It used to be a different mechanism then and now with the Odyssey buffs, The Forge buffs, Immortal GKs etc… That perk should have the power to work on every “structure” (including the GK).

You forgot about chaos gate @Neptune.

Demoliation used to work on them too last year according to @vasudeva1

I never remember demolition working on the gate. That would be way too overpowered.

I like that if you choose to use demolition it helps you get to the gate faster, but doesn’t do much once you get there. Frostbite on the other hand isn’t amazing in the regular defense (it’s just ok), but it’s pretty impactful against the GK and the gate.

I like the dichotomy, otherwise you’d just have one ability that was clearly superior to another. It would be like LoH and regeneration are now. There’s no reason to use regeneration when you can use LOH. There would be no reason to use frostbite when demolition did everything frostbite does, but better.

I don’t know if demoliation used work on gate or not as I recently found demolition perk but vasudeva1 has said that it used work on gate of Apollo too?

I think he’s mistaken, or if it did work on the gate it was only in the first few months after it was introduced. Nemean Claws were the second unique I got and they never worked against the gate.

Yes dumpster, it used to work but as I said, due to all these buffs, we might need that ‘special power’ back.

@Madlen could this be smth worth to evaluate since you are not able to destroy/nerf bugged items/gk?

Your thread makes me a new perk idea. “Execution”

Deals massive damage to living organisms and STRUCTURES THAT WALK ?

That’s the spearman special ability actually. 


When did it work like that? Do you have a rough estimate?

i got my first demolition item on June 22nd, 2017, so it had to have been before that. 

Yes but it was OP that time

It’s never damaged the gate since I’ve had demolition. It was much more rare, since there was only one item in the game that gave it to you, but it hasn’t been nerfed since then.

I say this with all due respect, but I think you guys are looking back fondly at demolition from the early days because it was so unique and special back then, and now everyone can put it on every item. The actual ability hasn’t changed though. And it could never damage the gate, unless you’re talking about some point in time between January 2017 and June 2017 when it could.

Remember, the gate had a lot less health at the top end back then!

I remember affecting the statue (as a structure that it is) but honestly I don’t remember that vs the Gate. 

If devs won’t make it possible for the demolition to work against the statue, then a NEW perk could do this specific job.

I think they have been working on ways to just nerf GKs. They recognize that there’s a problem there. I mean Captain Morgan talked about it a lot at the beginning of the summer.

The biggest issue right now is the OP GK’s, mainly due to LOH +Damage reflect, perk strength way to high on GK’s.   Then there’s the new lvls that might solve the bugged gear issue by 2023.

I think that it’s really hard to fix things like that coz u have to deal with cursed items, items values, unique values, mastery boost, old vs new items… everything got nerfed/buffed over time ?

I wouldn’t say that’s the biggest issue, since it’s entirely optional whether you want to fight them or not. I would say the lack of new content is the biggest issue.

That being said, it’s a little odd that they haven’t tried to release a few tweaks to GKs after they got wars straightened up and worked some of the kinks out of the new forging system. I had expected something by now to put new caps in place, etc…

I’m of the mind that smaller tweaks more often get you to the right place with less chaos than ONE BIG PATCH, but I also will be the first to admit that I don’t understand what goes in to releasing server updates. It might be a lot more work to release smaller updates more often (although they used to do that!).

How can we slow that those overpowered Gatekeepers?  They regenerate, more than they get damage value. Many gk’s does not get a tiny strach from best heroes… 

At spell side only pheme works - huge cooldown… 

Oceneous/siren spell does not work… 

Troops (medusa etc) useless… 

Stunning items, not effective. Even they are so high. Slowing something like miliseconds. And stun item so common… Not a precious one. 

What about FROSTBITE? It is a rare perk. What writes on FB’s explanation; slowing target… 


Where is  that slowing effect? It is a rare perk god sake… MUST HELP BUT NOT. 

@CaptainMorgan  @Madlen @Chris

Please test a overpowered gk… Mine is eh, not even close to top ones but i bet you can not beat mine… Also can not win my half overpowered gk with invocations… I will accept a loose if you can decrease its health %20…

So pls consider, how a player would win against a good gk. There are many.



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Okeanos does a pretty nice job of slowing GKs. Frostbite does, too, but you need to have a lot of it or you get screwed by the RNG. It would also be cool if frostbite was improved. I think it’s underpowered a bit.

Stun is crazy effective, but again you need a lot of it.

Siren does kinda suck, I’m with ya there.

Pheme does a great job. Get more cooldown!

Troops aren’t useless at all, but which troops?

Hi Neptune,

I think I mentioned it already somewhere else but for completeness here as well:

This is an interesting concept and we will think about it, but we want to first concentrate on fixing the life on hit bug.

Thanks for your input!