stuck around 2.2k trophys could use offense/defense help please

Hello i been tweaking some things around to get by and i’v hit a point where im relying on 1 respawn to and sometimes a meteor to beat pretty much everyone my strategy so far since i noticed my paladins arn’t so great anymore is spam the living hell outta arblasters i like to run ahead of my troops because i don’t know any other way to reach the enemys base in time with troops alive so far i been using my sonic blast to shred snake/firebolt towers and bladestorm to shred blockades/ some barricased and swordrain to kill off their frosters/moarters before they can kill my arblasters if the froster hits i scream so my arblaster get un slowed. Also my defense use to be great around 1800 trophys but now im at 2.2k and its falling apart fast


please if you guys can provide me with some tips/tricks/suggestions on how to improve both my offense and defense it would be greatly apreciated below is what my base looks like and the stats of everything


also my sonic blast is going to be maxed in 2 levels 1 in progress so if you guys could make a suggestion as to what to maby swap out swordrain/bladestorm out for and why if they need to be swapped it would be awesome (i have 2.2k trophys would love to be around 3k+ with your help) thank you everyone who helps

That trophy range is tough to overcome.


Use Blizzard and Shield/Heal


And join an alliance with boosts every once in a while to help beat bases without using gems. :slight_smile:

Well sometimes there is the moment where you are stucked to the same trophies for few months, this not because you aren’t doing anything to improve yourself but because you and all the players around go ahead in the same way like you and the progression could be the same, only by spending gems you can break this wall crashing the leaderboard, but it is not necessary. However me too i’m between 4,300-4,500 continuously just because you need lot of and lot of time to upgrade things (sometimes could be also boring wait, but if you have many workers you don’t see the difference because almost every day you have some upgrade completed). If you spent gems on gems immediately to upgrade everything you could surely see the difference on trophies but only a millionare could do that  :wink:

However maybe sometimes your mind will turn around trophies but i suggest you to forget about them in the meantime, just focus on upgrading defensive buildings and normal buildings for your kingdom, otherwise if you focus on trophies you forget to upgrade your towers, obstacles. troops etc and you don’t improve no more yourself.

Now if you see that paladins no longer are able to resist try and upgrade your Knights they are very versatile and very useful (for example i’m 4500 trophies and i still use them, they are boosted but i’m sure that you can take advantage of them also without boost in the meaintime since you are at low level.

Also upgrade continuously your first troops: Knight, Archer, Froster because they will be very useful in your near future.

For spells i don’t know what type of enemies you are facing, i mean what troops and towers they have probably similar to your base, so if you see that via matchmaking you see always the same troops and towers or base design try to copy and paste them and so use also good spells against that determinate bases.

With blockades i would go ahead on upgrading them also because now there is their boost. But as soon as the boost will finish Tough Barricade will be more useful to use for sure.

So mainly to have all the best improve join an alliance that run Blazing Knight and Tough Barricade as elite boost so you can continue with your adventure  :grinning:

lol, that was the same with me, but my priorities were set on the dungeon ! when I got ‘max ogres’ at 2,062 trophies I used them for attacks at the trophy range, had 100% victory with them until I got to 2,900 trophies …


Morale of story get dem max ogres, its a game changer

thank you guys for the help the reason im worried about trophys is it seems the only guilds that run good buffs (barricade boosted and such) are 3k+ requirements thats why i want it up i also wanted to make sure i wasnt spending a bunch of time/money upgrading towers/spells that are going to be obsolete later on i rather have those ready  i got 6 workers goin round the clock but its getting hard to get the money to keep them goin when it take 10-17 gems every time i fight somone for just 300k gold (only find 300-400k every like 100 refreshes)

Basically, go for easier bases first of all. Wasting gems for every single attack is no use! Better use gems for upgrading your alliance tower or (if not done already) unlocking 3rd slot for raiding troops.


Because even more important to alliances than trophies is your donation amount, as donations are what are used for activating boosts and expanding the alliance. 

Another thing to keep in mind: Big alliances with many boosts will usually actively participate in the alliance wars - so they seek for members with strong defense and offense, in order to win their wars. 


So, to sum it up: Forget about trophies! If you spend your gold and gems wisely, you will become stronger, and then higher trophies come automatically. If you try to push up in trophies while ignoring important upgrades and experience, you will end up falling down again and again, making your efforts to climb trophies wasted efforts, while at the same time not giving you any benefits but rather the contrary: Harder opponents make you fail on offense and fail on defense… 


For your waves: Let go of the paladins if they aren’t useful anymore. If you have progressed in the dungeons, trying out some monsters for defense may be useful, and independent of that I can always recommend “use 1 froster in every wave”, for slowing down opponents greatly. Upgrading troops is very important because it strengthens offense and defense. And don’t upgrade a single troop type (e.g. paladin) only while leaving all others behind - because if then that unit doesn’t work effectively anymore, you have no good alternatives to switch to. Frosters, archers, knights are all useful early on, are relatively cheap and quick to upgrade, and stay useful very long (and even up to top lvl gameplay when you have them boosted). 


For defense: Boosted barricades are the most common boost, and the higher you get, the more people use them, and at the top, people only use boosted barricades - so don’t invest to much into blockades, barricades are cheaper and quicker to upgrade, and boosted they’re way stronger than unboosted blockades, and the current blockade boost only runs for a war. Also, ask your alliance members to test and give you feedback about your base. Try to avoid situations where attackers can hit 2 or more blockades/barricades at once or with one spell, and consider across path overlap damage when planning your layout, tower placement and wave setup. Watch some raiding and tips videos on youtube.

And, while they’re boosted, use a ton of those arblasters in your waves! 

I m lvl 76 nd I think I ll be moving up at a snail’s speed at around 3200 trophies.

Caution: don’t play for trophies!!

Just try to enjoy the game where u r at the time, most preferably with an active alliance(in both chat nd wars).

Paladin bases are among easier bases nd never place them in late waves when mummies are sure to be active.

As earlier mentioned, upgrading ur basic units is definitely a priority. I d recommend trying ogres with gargoyles in defense nd obviously 1-2 froster per wave as said before. Upgrade shield, its probably useful at all lvls. Stun is probably the most underused spell nd its dirt cheap as it doesn’t need to be fully upgraded. It is useful against upgraded snake towers nd clustered towers.

I don’t hv food vids or tapjoy available in my country. And I hv bought gems worth 50$ for 5 packages: starter, worker, spell nd 2*gold.

Now a tale about trophies: At 2.8-2.9k trophies, I was comfortable nd doing fine, say raiding 200-350 medal bases. Then came the uberblaster nd by the end of it in 3 days I was at 3.5k raided 400-500+ medal bases. Then came a horrible time. For 3-4 days I wasn’t completing 100 med-bases. I had to search for below 50. And half the times they had boosted cannons, ogres or wolves. I hv still not completely recovered, nd for only second time hv entered the gold league.

So enjoy where u r because u r never gonna be there again.

PS: Ogre lvl 5 at 2k trophies( nd corresponding hero lvl) is unbelievable. Bravo!!!

the advice you’ve been given so far is awsum , I surgest hammerstrike as a spell iv used this from the start and is my preferred over all others because it takes out both troops and towers and is recharged in 7 secs.

and ogre lvl  5 .wow.  also I agree enjoy the moment and stay where you are and upgrade upgrade upgrade im striking open bases where the castle kills me b4 I can run away.

I got some good info in this thread! Thanx all!!

Hi there, best advice is already given by several others like Hoeroesflorian, make sure to get your third troop and spell slot if you didn’t yet do that.


As a great tip I can tell you this for offense, there are three kind of spells and to become great it’s best to have one of each category in your arsenal while attacking (at lower levels not needed, but later you will be reminded on my story, because then it’s a must). The spell categories are 

  • defensive (heal/shield)
  • instant (hammerstrike/blizzard/swordrain)
  • lasting(Sonic Blast/Blade Storm/Firestorm).

Of course there are other spells like poison, stun and so on, but at higher ranks the spells I mentioned are used most often. At your level I would concentrate on upgrading one or two of each category.


I suggest you to use defensive spell shield. Shield is way better than heal, reasons are explained in details by Heroesflorian in another topic. For the rest I would focus on lasting spell sonic blast and instant spells like blizzard (long range and doing massive damage when maxed) or hammerstrike (very short cooldown).


At your level bladestorm will still be a good choice to have in your arsenal when it’s upgraded a lot, also swordrain and firestorm are good choices. Bladestorm whipes out troops and barricades with ease, so at lower levels it’s a good choice. But like I said, try to focus on at least one spell out of each category. At higher levels combinations of shield, sonic blast and blizzard (sometimes hammerstrike) are common used.


Troops are very important to upgrade. When upgraded, they improve offense and defense. So keep that in mind. And to be able to upgrade them the castle gate needs to be improved. Spells are for offense, so upgrading them will help you to beat stronger players, but… when your defense is staying behind, expect to be attacked often. So don’t forget to improve your defense. How?


Well… When I look at your defense wave levels, I would say try to focus on constantly upgrading a wave and lay the main focus on first five waves, since they come back twice. In the beginning it looks just like wasting gold to improve only two morale points for every upgrade, but you need to see the complete picture. It takes endless time to upgrade your waves to high levels. Since you can only improve one wave at a time, don’t forget it’s important. The stronger your waves, the harder it becomes for raiders to beat your base. And the more morale points a wave has, it can hold more and stronger troops and even monsters.


Which troops to improve first? Basic troops like knights, archer and froster are important to upgrade. Later in the game you will need arblaster and canons, but check what you are feeling comfortable with. At lower ranked levels paladin is still very handy, but when opponents start to attack with mummies or blazing knights, they become pretty useless.


Defending troops need support. And that support is delivered by towers. Troops slow down raiders and towers do massive damage to them. Your objective must be to slow down or kill the hero, take out troops and make sure they can’t make it to beat your base in time. Don’t forget to upgrade towers, since lower levels are quite easy to destroy and don’t support your troops like they do at higher levels. To prevent them from being destroyed easily, you must place barricades on the right spot. Then the picture becomes clear. You need to build a great base design where all comes together, barricades must be placed well so that an attacker can only take down one at a time, towers must damage attacking troops. A good placement makes sure they do a lot of damage while hero can’t take a lot of them out with one spell.


Using a snake tower just before a skull tower is a great choice for example. Heros without shield take damage from the snake tower while a skull tower is firing skulls to destroy troops. So they lose precious time. And even with shield it can be dangerous. I also often got hit by a skull that just destroyed my shield while I was taking a shower under a snake tower. there are videos out there  that teach you  a lot. I would recommend you to watch them. Even the best base designs can be found there.


Good luck