stuck in "A Stone's throw from Death"

made it to 30/32 battles “Dreadnought”, and beat with 3 Crowns and got the Uber chest… now I can’t go any further.  An arrow popped up on the map which sent me to the old youtube video, but nothing more.  It also won’t allow me to play that level again, so I’m stuck with 2 battles left, or is 32 battles the error??

Thanks for reading, and responding

the game gives you 2 more chances in case you do some mistakes.  :slight_smile:  if you have done 30 battles completely perfect at 100% you don’t have to worry about.

Thanks for the info!

If you want to take some risk you can play the last island 3 times getting 99% on it the first 2 times. More gold ")

More gold AND more medals!!