Stucked in ninja event

Hi guys my IGN is xXximpactoxXx,  i have a moto g5 with android 7.1 and today i get stuck on ninja event i can continue to the Next ship i just complete the 9th battle and then the game didn’t let  me continue even when i wait the 3 or 4 hours to do the battle of the ship…

i remember that yesterday i do the first 9 battles but today when i enter the ninja event it show me again to do the 9th battle, i do it again thinking that maybe i forgot do it yesterday but then it didn’t allow me continue to the ship. it even didn’t show the path or the ship moving to the next ship. i can’t even pay with gems to go to the next ship or repeat battles cuz i get the three crowns on all battles

You should contact support here:

In your ticket you should ask for some time back on the ninja so that you can make up for the time you missed

This happened to a member of our alliance as well. I told him to submit ticket. NO RESPONSE yet and he has been unable to score more points for team…

Yeah, I understand it’s frustrating, but I’m sure that flare will compensate you for the loss, if he doesn’t get it back in time. At least, I certainly hope they do

I remember to have see once this bug on the forum but its very rare. The one who got this. Very sad :slightly_frowning_face: you will lose all the pearls and chests. Awful bug. Very sad to read this. too much bug in this game. Really hope Flare can give you the Rank 1 prize in compensation.