Stun resistant basilisk tower

There is so little protection left in defending our bases after nerfed phoebe beast. 

Just a little improvement to make basilisk tower 100% stun resistant so that one ogre can’t take tower alone

I have hear in the past if someone add 2 or 3 basilik tower. You have a unstoppable base. At least if you forge the HP at +30 and max them. The raider lose so much time. I have no ideal if its true or not. I don’t have them. 100% stun resistant will make them impossible to beat.I think that will broke the game because if Ogre cannot hurt them and Swordrain also Archimedes pal,etc…Not sure

I have hear combo like Lightning Tower + Basilik Tower are insane. I have no clue if its the case.

30+ forging takes alot of time with 600 pearls per try. At my lvl (110+) they are practically worthless even with forging and elite boost

oh ok good to know. Thanks