Stun/Unboosted Wolves bug

Hey, so I’ve been having this problem for quite a while now. I attack a base with unboosted wolves (unboosted everything, for that matter), and I bring stun into battle with me. When I stun towers, the stun works fine. That is, until the unboosted werewolf comes along and howls, taking off the stun and boosting the tower. This happens with troops also, please fix this as it is very frustrating. @Nikko @flaretara @GalaMorgane, love to hear some feedback on this. 



It is not a bug,   Werewolf’s howl is supposed to break stun effect. 

Not when it’s not boosted

A howl is a howl whether it is boosted or not :wink:

LOL, pretty darn sure that stun can only be broken by a boosted werewolf. An unboosted werewolf does NOT boost towers and troops. It only boosts itself

Unboosted werewolf was buffed recently.  They increased his howl range. 

I understand, but that doesn’t explain him boosting a stunned tower when he himself is not a Raging Werewolf

If the tower is in his howl range then it will be boosted. 

Raging werewolf have higher howl range and it howls more often.  There is not any difference in howl of boosted or unboosted wolfs afaik. 

really? I was fairly certain that unboosted wolves only boosted themselves. If you’re right then I owe you an apology LOL

Hehe…  That’s why many people don’t use stun at later levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it was before they buff unboosted werewolf battlecry range (because of someone post (forget who) that complain about uselessness of unboosted werewolf in this game).

You can see the change in RR2 version 3.7 update list: