Stunning gate doesn’t work anymore


Is it me or has the stunning of the gate stopped working? It works fine for units or towers but it used to work for the enemy gate also. 


Can you be more precise in your answer. Stunning gate? what that means? Do you means the Doom Gate from War Season or else? Never hear of a stunning gate before. First time

Edit : He meaning stun the gate not the gate cannot stunning. Just a bad formulation of his part. That happen. the way he have formulate his post meaning the gate stunnning all around. I don’t have catch it when i have write this post

Yes it is quite new that DoomGate can’t be stunned anymore.

It was annouced a few weeks ago i think, Garg and Snake Tower when stunned also don’t spawn garg/zombies anymore

Really sad Flare have do this. That was a great counter to Doom Gate. So now Stun,Mummy or any stun don’t work anymore. Yep Flare are really good to kill a boost or something in the game who worked well.

PS : its the main reason I don’t use Stun anymore. I have replace it by Black Magic. Insane army to counter Doom Gate