Stupid ninja event

You ve joined for 3 days and the prize only last for one month. Not permanent. WTF? And this stupid ninja, you cannot even control it and will only spawn once. You dont even have a choice when and where to release it. It will appear the moment you walk. So from the start of your fight its already dead. What a stupid idea. Very good flaregames. Seema like your running out of idea. Thats why your putting up a useless, stupid things like this.i mean its waste of time!

In Alliance Wars you join and fight for 5 days, then you’re not even granted a prize if you don’t get at least third place, and if you do, your boosts will last just five days (if you don’t use alliance gold to prolong them). So what’s the problem with that part of the ninja event?

Most7wanted, if u r exasperated now, at 30day ( incorrect ticker that now shows after maintenance showing 7 days and less  as I write. ) 


I recently replied to a topic related to same resulting in decision of spending more gems based on that (now told incorrect) info ( insert here topic) 

and Trial Moderater’s trying to use another controversial & debated & unpopular recent move of fg to accommodate new events putting financial pressure on not so rich( handful) ally ( read leaders & their benefactor, & in turn their recruitments -new& longtime


I understood the topic after seeing the number of posts from these guys.  :stuck_out_tongue:

10 days mr.moderator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The War season lasts 5 days (so until Wednesday this time). Then you have a short break before the kickoff of the Ninja event on Friday.

I think he was referring to the fact that won war boosts last 10 days instead of 5 now. 

Karman said your boosts last 5 day. Ukikotek point out it now 10 vs 5

Was great ninja event

Lol thanks. Yeah, I wasn’t sure so I read that info on the Wiki, I guess they haven’t updated that part, and also I’m a bit misinformed  :stuck_out_tongue:  

That was the point, wrong Delete :grinning:


:stuck_out_tongue:  …and again, full of courtesy :slight_smile:
Like u Guys :slight_smile: