Stupid penguin (or developers)

Now I understand why several tests with fritz, I cannot understand where it is and how can help

It just stand still and throw snowballs

then time for action, it slide ~2 steps forward on clear road, and back to this position

When I go forward to gate, fritz go back to tent, wow

Yeah, this happens a lot with me, the penguin seems to not have a brain lol 

Ahm… Correction, not the penguin, the devs…

the penguin is really dum??? 

A pal dumber than kaiser? Wow… :blink:

I guess flare hires hamsters to write their AI now, with all the bankrupcy hoopla they can’t afford proper coders.

Actually, from my view, he’s the 2nd best pal that I have (behind Tammy). I think he’d be 3rd for me if I had Aska

I believe Keen Flare made the biggest technical mistake since I started playing Royal Revolt 2.

It mean we have different playstyle.

Apparently, at some point, when I make a sharp breakthrough, it just slips forth and back, and when it tries to catch up - it goes not along the road, but along a geometric straight line, so it stands behind the road

Or is it due to the fact that when the army is large, then it can not overtake them, and trails behind all

There are some disappointing factors about Fritz, but the biggest is that, during his power up, your troops catch up to you hero, but on his way back he pushes them back a whole space. Ogres and Monks are the main ones who get pushed