Stupid Stats like: "Attack Power"!

Flare needs to fix the stupid stats like:

Attack Power!

The only thing that stat effects is: Damage, so the stat should be Damage! 

I think what they were afraid of was growing room in the game…

Would the stat stay relevant as more levels were added…

But what they should have done was the same thing they did with Speed. 

Attack Power should become plus some percent damage. 

And some for the Health Bonus just plus some percent Health so the stat stay relevant, no matter how many levels are added.

Further Flare needs to do something about players like me, I’m close to having maxed out all 3 upgrade-able stats on all my units! 

What do I do now?

Rather of a percentage better directly use correct values, no? Otherwise then in following weeks someone will ask again to change % to a real value. But I think they’ll leave as it is. I asked me too long time ago, when came out these troops health perks and troops/spells damage perks with strange values, to change them to real value but there was no way.

You shouldn’t worry because new updates come out regularly so you’ll have always something to do.

Honestly, I’d be happy with real values too…

But I think they were steering away from that for a “reason” (probably stupid) but I was trying to suggest and alternate solution.