Stupidest Event Ever

Flare would having more money from us.  Buy gems so that the Developers earn more money 

Sorry, but in my opinion the event is great :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously it is the main aim.  :slight_smile:

So don’t buy any chests, don’t spend any money on the game if you don’t like it. Not everyone will like every event Flare offers, get over it.

worthless idd.

event for rich players only. cause free chests Always suck. realy uber Pearls ??? flare you are so fucking lame here … we all see what your goal is . make people happy with a dead horse. realy lame … event means everyone can profit but stil only paying people profit… your promised with introduction of uber chests it contains gear now i see uber Pearls en gems . and then 80 Pearls or gems is uber ???granny asks 400 gems for gold item so uber gems or Pearls should be atleast that amount … introducing uber gems or Pearls is no problem but then do so acordingly to what it is worth … and not only a few litle Pearls … its a scam. no more no less… flare start listening to players … they are fed up with you and there comes a time they all turn their back at you… also the friend uberchest . realy you think you get more player ?? 1000000 accounts created only to open chests … you are cauning your boss to think the game is goin great and geting 1000000000 extra members … in the end this will bite you in the ass 3 times harder remeber that.

Me too i don’t like this Uber Event but i don’t surely make an illness for this.

Now many players create Dummy accounts. Yes Best Event Ever ?. I nevers see Moderators adress the real Problems. (1)  Remove “Bonus Skulls” Chamber of Fortune. (2) We can win Gems Chamber of Fortune Only if we use Gems. Fix this P2W Shit.(3) Now we have 2 Different “Uber Chest” If u buy “Uber chest” contain only Items and the  “Friend Uber chest” contains only shit.

these events are to make you forget the real problems with game…funny how they can insert new stuff but cant seem to fix anything

The only really good part of this event is the 50% off for additional slots but a good idea in future to improve this event is to also unlock a single Friend Uber chest for free or to include an Uber chest in the Daily chests each day to make this event more interesting and enjoyable to all.

Keep in mind that the paying players are the one financing this game. So a big thank you to players who spend money on this game. Because of you I get to play for free and I get to enjoy new stuff. 

From my observations the average for a friend uber chest is 1 unique item (but got one with no unique item, too).
During the event the chance is higher, which i can confirm: i got two unique items from a friend chest today.

So: just give it a try, open your friend uber chests during the event (create accounts :grinning: ) and hopefully you
also will get something, that’s worth it :slight_smile:

My friend chest today contained 3 Uber items, 2 of which were better than what I had so I am quite happy today.


I do agree the 1000’s of extra dummy accounts is stupid, surely they cannot include these accounts when they show how many players they have playing this game?

You are welcome.  :rolleyes:

I opened 3-4 uber chests today some of which I bought. Really contained no good items. 3-4 items in one chest were just epic items. Straight to melting :slightly_frowning_face:  

Just opened another Uber chest and got two exact same Warden’s Deflector cape from that chest 

At least those really are uber items… What exactly do you, darkkaos and revoltharry want? A guaranteed skull items? A guaranteed “new” uber items (the items you already got won’t appear again)? then flare should consider selling new kind of uber chests…

  1. Superior uber chest, guaranteed 1 skull item, cost 10-15k gems…

  2. Fantastic uber chest, guaranteed new uber item you have never get before, cost 10k gems…

Come on flare, here’s a “new” business opportunity   ^_^


Lol are u a fool or what? At least I don’t expect exact same items with exact same stats from one chest!

Maybe i am a fool  ^_^ but players who expect too much of flare’s bad casino chests are more foolish… it’s like you’ve never learned at all… 

I think flare should implement a new algorithm for you. If you get 2 uber items with exact same stats from one chest, the system will automatically change one of them into legendary or epic item… that way you’ll be happier, no more same items in one chest, right?  ^_^

You seem to have lot of time to troll the forum. At least if u don’t have any good suggestions, solutions or even complaints then stay out of here and let Flare respond to us. More you write here, more we realize how big of a fool you are :slightly_frowning_face:   

So when someone dare to point out reality and/or disagree with you , he/she will be automatically called troll?? can i offer you some kleenex? ^_^

I did give you my suggestion, good or bad, it will “fix” your complains. But i guess you’re used (and prefer) to complain and complain and complain… you’re calling me fool is like pot calling the kettle black… or maybe insane would be the better word for you since you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results from flare… :lol: