Subscriptions idea/suggestion

 I agree with many players that the subscription prices are high, so my number 1 suggestion would be to reduce the subscription prices.
But then, many other prices of the in-game purchases are pretty high as well, and the subscriptions don’t look that expensive IN COMPARISON.
 However, Flare Games should really look into reducing ALL of their prices, as that would lead to many more purchases by even more players. Nearly all games cost around $40-60, with some costing as much as $80 or $100 with extra packs, and that’s a ONE-TIME expense and you OWN the game and ALL of its perks. Flare Games does it differently: you can play for free, but if you want boosts or don’t want to spend a few years upgrading, you will need to watch advertisements or dish out some money. When you consider that for $20-100 in Royal Revolt 2 you can only get a PORTION of the game, so to speak (in the form of boosts, speed-ups etc.), AND you are constantly exposed to advertisements daily, AND if you purchase gems a few times, this game ends up being probably the most expensive game of all time. I had nearly purchased gems a couple times, but realized I’m not really getting enough for the price, considering how many gems are needed for the expensive upgrades, and considering those upgrades are still only giving me a very tiny portion of the total game advancements. Flare Games has realized that people are likely to spend much more money in smaller installments, “drop by drop” (similar to the credit system, where in the end you pay much more for an item, but it is spread out over time in much smaller portions, so you erroneously feel that you’re not paying so much), and they develop this game in such a way as to make people feel the strong need to spend a few bucks here and there and get the needed/wanted upgrade quickly.
 Again, if the prices were significantly lower, many more people would be buying, but that’s up to Flare Games if they want fewer purchases.

 My second suggestion is more likely to be accepted by Flare Games, and it involves the way of paying for subscriptions.
Namely, most players find it too expensive to pay $50 out of their own, single pocket, at once. However, if Royal Revolt included an option of a " GROUP PAY", where the members of an alliance can jointly pay the full price, that would be much easier on everyone’s pocket, and more alliances would be purchasing those boosts.
 There are many players from poorer countries for whom even $10-$20 is too much, but $1-$5 would be far more acceptable. So, if the players were given an option to pay something like $2 each in a 25-member alliance to get the $50 Alliance subscription, they would be far more likely to purchase it.
Many members of alliances don’t live in the same area or country, so sending money to one member to pay the full price would be difficult. Flare Games would make it a lot easier and more acceptable for its players if they allowed group pay.

P.S.: I have just noticed that the subscription prices were slightly raised. Never mind, Flare Games, I don’t see the point in suggesting a price reduction! Maybe you should raise the price even more, especially considering the fact that your frequent server issues keep making this game even less attractive. Your blind greed will bring you even fewer purchases. Good luck!